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Well, tomorrow if you're a Vectorworks Service Select member, as you should be. Release date for shipping boxes is the 23rd. I think the new student/faculty versions will be available tomorrow on the 17th. Not certain. but the website will have all the dets.

Here are some dets about the upgrade:

  1. Displacement Maps-great way to add Bump Shader details
  2. The Taper Face Tool and the Twist Tool offer great new and fast ways to model!
  3. The Publish Command allows creating sets of drawings from multiple sources so teams of assistants can toil away while the designer lounges by the hotel pool bar. The designer only has to interrupt sunning to put the drawings together and take all the credit.
  4. The Brick Shader now allows importing of images to overly the bricks and the mortar.
  5. Pop-up Menu in the OIP lists the available Label Legends, less key strokes, more sunning.
  6. Josh Benghiat's Lighting Pipe objects and Instrument Summary Tools have been incorporated into Spotlight.
  7. Vertical Focus for Spotlight Lighting Devices!
  8. Lighting Deice selection by Focus Point Object-right click a Focus Point to select the devices assigned that focus!
  9. Hidden Line preferences in the Auto-Hybrid Object.
  10. Greater access to data via Vectorworks Cloud Services!

Yeah, I'm a fan boy. A fan boy who likes to work by the pool.

That's my top ten list, really, Top Twelve, but who's counting.

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