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Remember last summer how the nation and the world shined a magnifying glass on us due to the accidents? They were pretty harsh on us!  Saying that we needed better standards, a watchful eye on the sky and more.  We needed to put the public's safety first.

Now, there is a BUNCH more behind all that story, but we'll just go along with the outcry from the public for now. Fast forward to 2012... Last week, the fans of Eric Church went crazy at the Coca Cola Field, throwing chairs, bottles, cans... anything they could on stage.  Why?  Because the producers delayed the performance and eventually cancelled the show due to weather concerns. Thus looking out for the public's well being and safety.

They respond like that?!? I understand being upset about spending money and not getting what you paid for. Is it really necessary to act like that? This just goes to show that you are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

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Comment by Nook Schoenfeld on June 14, 2012 at 8:29am

I heard the same thing happened at a Clapton show in Buffalo last month. The people went crazy and wouldn't leave when the show was called for the same weather concerns. But it made me think back to my youth.

     I went to see Clapton in an old ball field in Jersey City, back in the early 70's. Back then he was a mess, on booze and heroin. But Layla was the biggest song on the radio and 60,000 kids were there to hear it. He came on very late and spent the next 40 minutes trying to sing with his left arm draped across a boom mic. He rarely touched his guitar and let his side man play all the solos. After 40 minutes he left, got in his helicopter and left. The fans went crazy and nobody left for 30 minutes. Til huge burly security guys came on to the field with 10' long sticks and proceded to push people. Bottles were thrown, people were hurt, fights ensued. It was pretty close to a riot. It left me, a 15 year old megafan of the artist in shock. Left a bad taste in my mouth and it took me 20 years before I would bother to see that artist again.

    Bottom line was both the artist and the crowd were wrong that day. But had he not taken the stage at all, I'm sure it would have been a lot worse.

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