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Vectorworks Tool Settings, Preferences, and Modes

I keep talking about these things, especially Tool {references, but I'm not sure that I've mentioned where they are, which might be an issue.

First, let's take a broad view of the work space

We're specifically looking at the view bar. Whenever, most often, almost always, when you select a tool, there will be choices in the View Bar. Not for the Instrument Insertion Tool, but most others. Here is the basic Selection Tool (press X to quickly switch to this tool).

When you hover over an option, you get a basic description, here, I am hovering and pressing the Command key for a more detailed description of the options.

Last week, we discussed the Magic Wand and referred to the Tool Preferences, but, alas and alack, I never mentioned where to find those preferences. Well, right here.

Some tool, like the Polyline (shown below) have different modes of drawing, these too are selected from the View Bar. Even the basic Rectangle has different drawing modes. 

It is important to note that you can shift between modes by pressing the U key. This is less important when drawing a basic rectangle as it is really, really important when using the polyline. That U key allows you to create oodles of different kinds of complex shapes.

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