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Vectorworks Spotlight Lighting Device Preferences

So you have a Rep Plot and there are a certain number of units for special. How do you quickly Tag those units on the plot? Possibly you have a plot that uses a mixed inventory of house gear and rental gear, or rental gear from different vendors. You might want to make that clear on the plot, right?

In a Vectorworks document, go to File>Document Settings>Spotlight Preferences. Select the left tab; Lighting Device. Looky, looky at all the things that are possible here.

First, you can easily force placement of units on 18" centers, the default, or any fixed increment you choose, like 17 125/128" if you hate the electrician. 

Then you can establish classes for the Lighting Devices. Either an overall class for all units, or classes for specific units defined by parameters from the OIP. By using a Class name with a prefix, you can gather all of the lights classes clearly in the hierarchal menu. So if you want the Specials classed together, or the side light classed differently from the front light, this is really easy to set up. It's then also easy to select by class (I guess that's another post) and quickly see where you have placed what instruments.

I do like all of my lights classed, as shown, as Lighting-Device.

I'm a big fan of the next section. Less so the color by Color Field, Lights that are stroked with Bastard Amber are hard to see on the Plot.

I really like to be able to to use the Color Filed option and the pen color option. This takes me back to the beginning. I can stroke the outline of specials in a Rep Plot in a dark red or blue so it is clear what can be refocused. If I need to mix inventories, I can color code different shops' gear so the electrician know where I want specific units. This is really important if the venue owns some units and you're renting others of the same type. You may not want to mix those nits in the same systems. Color Code, Baby!

To make this work, select a light on the pot and change the color in the Attributes Palette. I only like to modify the stroke  you may want to fill the unit with a color. For a small plot, this can also act as a Magic Sheet.

You can also affect the appearance of Label Legends and the Beams of the lights. You can use this option to keep the Beams drawn and see them only when the class is activated.

Now, click the Lighting Device Parameters button. You can have unlimited parameters assigned to devices and similarly, you can have unlimited parameter fields in Label Legends. I'm a less is more guy, but to each his own.

Some designers so not think they have enough control over units in the OIP, some feel there are too many options available in the OIP and that the list of fields in the OIP is too long. You can control those desires right here by turning fields on and off in the Show in Shape Plane column. Of course, you can save settings and mange different settings with those buttons. You may find you want one et of settings to be in use when drawing the plot. That set might not include the Shutter settings, and another set of settings when Visualizing, that set might not include channel, or circuit, but might include the shutter settings.

Remember you can save your default choices in a Stationery or Template Document.

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