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A few weeks ago, I mentioned that there is a Vectorworks Light Object inside each Spotlight Lighting device, but I really didn't discuss these great tools.

FYI, each Vectorworks Light Object adds to the render time, BUT you can make one object do the work of many Spotlight Lighting Devices when doing a preliminary design render.

In the Visualization Toolset, there is a Light Tool. The tool has a number of modes; Directional, Point, Spot, and Custom. Te Directional mode creates a sun like object. The custom mode allows you to set or import specific setting, like and IES file. The Point mode is like a bare lamp, the light goes everywhere. These can be useful, but can also create complex shadows, which increase render times. 

In the Vectorworks Libraries>Objects-Building Services>Electrical-Accurate-Lamps-Imp(or metric).vwx, there is a collection of lamps, typically Point Lights in a glass shell, with specific attributes assigned.

Let's look at the Spotlight Mode, this is the workhorse, for me. When you place a Spotlight, the Preferences dialogue opens and you can adjust a number of parameters: color, brightness, Lumens, and, via the Specs button, Beam and 

Spread (Field). All of these and more can be adjusted in the OIP where you can precisely focus the light. You can also focus with the selection tool.

A couple of fun facts here. You are not limited to 100%, if the light isn't bright enough, set it to 320%. Remember, for your previz, you might be using one light to do the work of many. With Use emitter selected, you can specify Lumens, color temperature, etc.

In the OIP you can also select a color via the standard color selector, BUT with the Light Object selected, you can also assign a color with the Attributes Palette, where you can access any color Library that ships with Vectorworks, so if you want the light to be R80, that's easy. You can also assign a Ben Moore paint color to the light, but why?

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