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I love using Fog in Vectorworks, like glossy surfaces, Fog makes everything sexy. And you have complete control using either Spotlight Lighting Devices or Vectorworks Light Objects.

Fog requires a Renderworks Background, even if you have modeled a full interior space. So let's start with looking at creating a background. Right-Click in the Resource Browser and Select Create New Renderworks Background.

Now, there are many options. Clouds is a very useful option for outdoor shows; day or night, you can use images, or create lighting with an HDRI image, a physical sky creates time of day using the heliodon tool. Some of these are other posts. We're going with one color; black.

The default fog density is 505% set that to 5%. I have many different fog densities in different backgrounds that I keep in my Defaults. 

A Background has to be assigned to a Design Layer, either by right clicking on the resource in the RB or by editing the Design Layer. Assign the background to a Design Layer.

Here I have one Vectorworks Light Object set in the layer. I've turned on Lit Fog in the OIP and rendered in FQR. The beam is a bit broad and the fog, even at 5% might be a bit much.

Now, add a Spotlight Lighting Device. Right-Click on the Device and turn it on, then repeat to Edit Light. You will now see the Vectorworks Light Object buried in the symbol. Select Lit Fog, focus the light and render.

Not every light in any file or rendering has to have fog. Pretty neat control, right?

Some Spotlight Lighting Devices, some fog, some gobos and you can easily render something like this:

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