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Vectorworks Class Overrides for best practice drafting

Class Overrides is one of those things I always mention, but have yet to explain. For best practices in drafting, and to follow the USITT Standards, when you publish a drawing, all of the lines should be black. I don't necessarily subscribe to this standard. I use a dark blue for my dimension lines and annotations. I use a magenta for Center lines, Plaster Lines, and other such guides. 

I've also mentioned drawing complex objects, classing different parts, and coloring the parts so they can be identified. I've mentioned that you can class and color lighting instruments. You might like some or all of those things to plot in a simple black line.

Class Overrides to the rescue. Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story The Musical.

Best practice in Vectorworks for publishing drawings is to create Viewports of Design Layers and place them on Sheet Layers for printing or exporting to a PDF. Actually, it's always best to export a PDF or a Batch PDF and print the PDF.

So, here's a short of some of my classes in a recent project.

Since I don't want the shop drawing to look too tutti-fruity, I can select the Viewport on the Sheet Layer and press the Classes button on the OIP, revealing this dialogue.

From here I can select one or more Claes to affect visibility and more important to this discussion, for editing. Note that as is typical, you can press the shift key and select multiple, adjacent Classes for editing. You can also use the Command key to select multiple Classes that are not adjacent to one another.

In the illustration above, I can change the Pen color of the selected class to black for readability. Clearly, I can also adjust the Fill, Opacity, and/or textures, as needed.

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