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I love my home state of Virginia, or more accurately known as the Commonwealth of Virginia! I have lived here most of my life and love everything about it. Most importantly, the colleges around the state.  I am a product of the University of Radford, a small University in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Blacksburg, VA or better known as the home of Virginia Tech.

I love my school, but I love the rich history of all the schools in the commonwealth. While I am a tartan through and through, I call all the universities in VA home.  Especially with all of the visits that I have made to them during college and afterwards.

One thing I have always enjoyed is the Lighting the Lawn at UVA. I have only witnessed it once and that was a NUMBER of years ago.  Here is a little back story about the Lighting the Lawn. Student organizers put this all together, asking for donors to sponsor columns is the historical quad or lawn in front of the rotunda of UVA. All of the donations are given to that years charity.  This years, the 12th annual event, the charity that the trustees of the 2012 class choose Hope House. It is a transitional housing program operated by the Monticello Area Community Action Agency.

Now here comes the real kicker of the whole event. You would think that the theatre department would be doing this.... NOPE, it is all the maintenance staff!  They design the show, put up thousands of string lights and program the entire show. I still have yet to learn what they use, but what an awesome event!


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