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Been reading a lot of jargon in the papers and the internet about how our security at airports sucks. I fly at least once er week it seems and I've been tolerant for quite some time. But after reading what looks to me to be valid complaints about out self imposed secuity Task force, I'm starting to agree with just about everything that I'm reading lately and I'm jumping on the band wagon.
I'm tired of taking off my shoes to walk thru a metal detector. My sneakers are made of rubber. My topsider leather loafers are made of leather. They have no metal in them. Every other country seems to realize this and only when flying in OR to America do I have to run them thru a scanner.
The Israelis are laughing at us. Someone from their security team has offered some much publicized advise lately. They have 5 layers of security over there..., and an awful lot of terrorism threats. Yet they have no problems that I have read about. Their main security measure is "Look them in the eyes". They do this at 4 check points and they swear they can filter out guilty people. I have to agree here. And they are looking at a constant stream of people of middle east descent.
Last month nobody in Europe asked me to remove my computer from its bag, until I boarded a flt home to America. then I was told they needed to see it. What are they looking for in my laptop? C-form crammed into a non existent space in my wafer thin mac? If I was smart enough to develop a chip that could explode the whole damn thing, I honestly think the knucklehead at the xray machine could not differentiate between that and any other chip on the circuit board. I am surprised they no longer ask you to turn on the computer to see it work. They did that to me on cd players in the 90's.
Tonite I am flying out of Chicago Ohare. A big hub of Nazi style TSA people here due to a large melting pot of ethnicity I imagine. I have a late flight and the line to get into the gates in virtually empty. I walk right thru with only my carry on luggage, no paid for bags to check. It's empty but I count 13 TSA folks/security personnel sitting around to make sure I'm not a shoe bomber. Screw it I say. I take off my shoes and remove my outer coat and phone. In my pockets are a bunch of change, and cigarette lighter. My belt remains on. My zipped up hoodie sweatshirt stays on my carcass. In my bag I have a tube (12 oz mind you) of toothpaste. I have a small aerosal canister of shaving cream. I have my triple edge razor.
My bags zip thru. Nobody asks for anything. Nobody sats squat about my aerosal can. Nobody looks me in the eye, they are so busy chatting about their dull job they hardly notice me. Nobody pats me down. Nobody grabs the junk in my trunk. Nobody waves me thru the metal detector, I just walk thru and collect my belongings and I'm through.
I have no doubt that if I tried this at midday I would be getting a cavity search. But tonite is OK.
I can't blame this inept organization on Obama. But perhaps it was time he stopped this nonsense and we look at how the other countries screen people. Perhaps we can learn something.

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Comment by Michael Roche on November 29, 2010 at 9:32am
A friend showed me this blog by someone who was able to evade the TSA x-ray and patdown just by being really stubborn. Really interesting read actually. Maybe next time you're not in a hurry.... :)
Comment by Brit Manning on November 27, 2010 at 6:50pm
A good friend of mine is a TSA officer. He was not at all pleased when these new body scans and pat down procedures were handed down from above. Unfortunately the people working the checkpoints don't make the rules... they're just stuck with enforcing them. I've never flown overseas, but it sounds like they've got some things figured out.
Comment by Nook Schoenfeld on November 24, 2010 at 8:52am
Someone just posted this on facebook, have to share it

"TSA...., If we did our job any better, we’d have to buy you dinner first."

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