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The Vectorworks Multiple Extrude Command

Here's a simple and nifty command. I was asked last week about a shape similar to an awning. Really, a truncated pyramid.

Here's a 1" square on top of a 3" square.

Here's the result of selecting both, running the Model>Multiple Extrude command with the extrusion set to 3"

For kicks, I moved the 1" square to the top edge of the 3" square (note the added 2D square showing the position of the 1" square in the multiple extrude) and ran the Command again set to a 3" extrude.

How else would you model a Linnebach Projector? Shelley?

Now I'm a fan of how I can click and drag t sketch in Vectorworks, BUT I'm also a fan of absolute positioning once the sketching is done and the design being finalized. Here's a reason to be careful, be precise, and be accurate.

On the left, I used Absolute Positioning to place the two circles. That is, I double clicked on the Circle Tool and set specific parameters for size, and placement in the resulting dialogue. On the right, I drew the two circles, only tabbing into the Floating Data Bar to set the radii. I used a smart point to place the centers over one another.

Look at the difference.

and in wireframe you see why...

Using Absolute placement, the circles are properly aligned, sketched in place, the beginning of the curves are not aligned, and the resulting shape is incorrect. Here's the issue.

When clicking and dragging  circle the curve begins based on the angle of the drag. You can constrain this angle, but the risk is always present. 

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