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After last week's post bout creating a 3D Symbol using only 2D elements, several experienced designer's back channeled me about the Clip Tool. They didn't know of it and I really didn't tell you all where to find the tool.

I'm going to remedy that now. The Clip tool is in the Basic Toolset and it is a dandy little thing.

First notice that in the Tool Bar there three modes: Exclusion, Inclusion, and Split. Then three modes of selection; Rectangle, Polyline, and Circle. 

The Exclusion mode subtracts the selection from the original object,The Inclusion mode deletes the area outside of the selection from the object, and the Split mode makes two object from one. The types of selections are pretty obvious.

Of course, I used the Exclusion mode, Rectangle Selection to make the End Seat Symbol.

The Clip Tool works like pretty much everything else in VWX. It snaps to points. You can center a circle in a circle or snap to points on any kind of objets. For precision, you can tab into the Floating Data Bar and set specific parameters, or you can draw additional geometry or at Locus Point Object for snapping.

There are times when the Modify>Clip Surface command might be faster, but most often, the Clip Tool can save quite a few clicks.

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