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Scheduled Chat on PLS - What do you want to talk about?

When you log into PLS, at the very bottom of the home screen, you might notice we have an online chat feature.  On all the other pages of PLS, the chat window goes down to the very bottom of your browser window, very similar to how Facebook.

I want to throw an idea out to the community about having a scheduled online chat.  We would pick a date and time to meet on the site and chat about something... in real time.  Rather then everyone just meeting at a certain time online and wait for someone to say something interesting, I was thinking about bringing in a special guest that we can all chat with.

My question is this... Who or what would everyone be interested to talk about.  I can line up a manufacturers representative to talk with us where we can ask questions and try to pry new product information out of them.  Another idea is bringing in a peer/professional to talk about what they are doing, challenges they face in their current gig.

Throw out your ideas and we'll get a chat lined up.

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Comment by Brit Manning on April 21, 2011 at 7:08am

I randomly found myself at a student theater festival in England recently (long story for another day) and one of the speakers gave a very interesting presentation on the convergence between video and lighting.  He predominantly talked about media serves and the use of pixel mapping for ease of programming and continuity of design.  


I would be very interested to partake in more discussions along these lines.  Virtually every concert (no matter the genre) that comes through my arena has video as a big part of the design.  The gap between lighting and video seems to be shrinking more and more every day.  How are other people approaching this? 

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