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Pathway Connect Introduces Cognito Desk

This is what I love about trade shows. The little surprises! I use that term in size only, not in news worthness. Pathport Connect introduced a lighting console at USITT 2012!!! If you know Pathport, they have some AWESOME networking and DMX products. Who would have ever guessed that they would come out with a console?!  Well, THEY DID!

With the help of iOS developer, Eric Conrmwell, Pathport introduced the world to the Cognito Ultra Portable lighting desk. This thing is cute and powerful! The high end model has 2 DMX ports out the back with the entire operating system inside. My favorite part of the desk... it is powered over POE!!!! Even the littlite! Amazing and awesome!

Here is the kicker... the Cognito doesn't have a monitor port or anything like that.  It does have a small touch screen in the middle of the desk. Since working with Eric Cornwell, they will be introducing an app for the iPad that will offer RFU, remote display and fader wing options in the app. So if you are looking for a heads up display, use your iPad! Need some more faders? connect another ipad via wifi... BOOM, done.

It is pretty impressive!  Release timeline and pricing have not been made available yet, but stay tuned for more information!

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