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Happy 2013 everyone! First off, before I go into my rant about New Years Resolutions... How do you say 2013?

1: Twenty Thirteen

2: Two Thousand Thirteen

3: Thirteen

I hear it all, I am just wondering how you say it.

Since it is a New Year, it is time to start of with some New Year Resolutions. Why do we put SO much emphasis on starting a new with the calendar change? Whats to say mid year isn't a good time to start something new or change something in your life?

I guess starting off with 01/01/2013 is a good starting point because it is easy to count... Lame, but understandable. Since everyone is doing it and making a New Years Resolution is all the rage for the next month, I'll let you in on my "change". 2013 is going to be the year that I set goals for finishing and accomplishing my goals I already have setup.

I have a number of projects both in my personal and professional life that I want to finish. So for the next 12 months, it is time to sit down and finish something. No more "new" side projects. Time to get all the others out of the way before I pick up something new. I love to dabble in new and different things, but it is time to finish all those "hobby" projects.

So 2013, look out, it is time to get things taken off the LONG list of incomplete or forgotten about projects. In 12 months I may be ready to start a REAL New Years Resolution!

How about you, what are your goals or New Years Resolutions?

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