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Lighting Device Parameter, the OIP, and Label Legends, Oh My!

This is specifically a Vectorworks Spotlight v2013 thing  Or, possibly, a reason to upgrade. Here is an image showing a Spotlight Lighting Device inserted in a document, selected with the OIP adjacent. Lot's of places to insert data. So many that you can't see the bottom of the OIP without scrolling.

This can sometimes be an irritant, but it is a necessary irritant you can manage. 

Go to File>Document Setting>Spotlight Preferences and select the first Tab; Lighting Device. Press the Lighting Device Parameters button in the lower left corner. That should reveal this additional dialogue;

Notice first the long column of possible parameters to select and de-select. By default, pretty much every data entry point is selected and there is an associated field in the OIP. So, it is esy here to turn off any unused data fields, or data fields you do not want to deal with at a given time.

Notice that in the lower left corner of this dialogue you can create a New field, Edit existing fields and Remove th user created fields. In the top right of the dialogue, you can Save and Manage sets of settings. This is a useful feature if you want to use certain fields in the preliminary design phase of a project, and then additional fields when refining the documentation.

In either case, you can keep the OIP simplified and focused on the tasks on hand.

Saved Settings become available across other/new documents.

So, check out my streamlined OIP.

So, check out Spotlight>Label Legend>Label Legend Manager. Notice that you have access to every data field in the Lighting Device Parameters dialogue, including any additional fields you might add.

Although you CAN use every field in a Label Legend, this rally doesn't mean that you SHOULD use them all. I'm a minimalist. I like simplicity and clarity. I prefer minimal information on the plot, maximum information in the paperwork.

USITT suggests showing Focus (could be Purpose), Color, Circuit, Dimmer, Wattage, and Channel in the Label Legend. I tend towards Color, Focus, and Channel. Your mileage may vary. Sometimes, I'll toss in a gobo field, my choices are based on communication and use of the document. Does somebody really need to wrestle with the plot when patching?

In the illustration below, I've got a typical USITT Label Legend. I find it to be too much information. You might also notice that the containers might get to be too small. No worries, you can edit the Containers  The container shapes are part of default content and imported into your document when you create and assign a Label Legend. You can find them, as below in a new Symbol Folder in the Resource Browser. The folder is called, shockingly, "Containers."

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