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Let's all go to Camp, Camp Bisco that is

                                                   Let's all go to Camp, Camp Bisco that is

      Camp Bisco just sounds like a fun music festival. Where does the name come from, you ask? It all started with the jam band, the Disco Biscuits in 1999. ( Wasn't Prince talking about partying around that time as well? ) The Disco Biscuits are from Philadelphia, Penn and thought it would be a great idea to sit around with fellow musicians to explore new sounds ( technology was offering so much new tools ) and collaborate with people of like mind. It turned into such a profound experience they decided to share the sessions live with their fans and created a yearly event where electronic music DJs and rock bands could come together in one spot and have a  jam out session. This was way before EDM was coined ( we used to just call it techno back then ) and way before it was a huge money making festival circuit world we are used to now. The fact that this festival is still hosted by the Disco Biscuits, means that this event is for the fans and not run ( or recently bought ) by greedy promoters or corporations. Fast forward to 2013 and there is no shortage of experimental music ( technology is still giving them even more tools ) with intense visually striking stage shows, and Camp Bisco is the still the place to be. 

      For the last 7 years, ( out of the 12 since its inception ) Camp Bisco has taken place in Mariaville, NY near Albany at the Indian Lookout Country Club. This is a 3 day camping music festival with RV hookups and drive on car passes for the event.  This is a much smaller event with only 15,000 people taking over the area, but the production value is still high for the moderate ticket price. With headliners like Bassnector, Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis, Wolfgang Gartner, and my all time favorite Boys Noize, you are getting some serious bang for your buck!  Artists such as Passion Pit, STS9, Lotus, Baauer, and Zeds Dead have their own core of fans that travel all over and make Camp Bisco there mid summer stop.

       For this blog I was able to get more behind the scenes photo's along with some 'behind the console' pix because I know people. This isn't a bragging statement, it's a way for me to provide a treat for other techs to see what they can strive for in their personal work goals. I work with several great lighting designers and I am also outside ( of work ) friends with several more lighting peeps. I only differentiate between the 2 because there are several LDs that aren't any fun after the job is over. You have to figure out other ways to connect with them if they don't 'go have a beer 30' once we clock out. THEN there are other LDs that call you twice a year to help them with the big projects and you can't wait to see them again. I used to work at Mannequins Dance Palace several years ago and I can remember when we got this young, positive, new lighting guy repairing our gear. He then moved into the booth with us and started running the Grand MA and so started the career of Brian McNutt. Brian moved on to several areas ( always lighting ) including a stint at Cirque du Soliel, Blue Man Group, Royal Caribbean, and now full time at the mouse house with me. He does several outside gigs locally and out of town including just recently a week in Las Vegas. I was supposed to catch up with him ( in Vegas ) because Electric Daisy Carnival was raging and he even though he didn't attend EDC, he got his 1st taste of a really big music festival, and the freak show surrounding it. Now Brian has been to Ultra ( several years ago ) but it wasn't as huge as the current EDC or covered in mud, like Ultra in Miami can be sometimes. Then out of the blue he texts me and asks if I've heard of Camp Bisco, and I responded yes ( because I have a ton of festival friends, and they are always posting countdowns to 'their' festival start date ) Brian had been asked to be the LD for one of the Main Stages, now I'm thinking to myself, how the hell did Brian get on my festival circuit? He doesn't even attend these things, isn't really that interested in them, and now he's running lights for one of the main stages? The answer is simple people, it's because Brian is a hard worker, doesn't gossip about fellow techs ( this means he's a positive guy ), and knows his consoles, programming, troubleshooting, and how to be a leader. These are the only things you need in this profession to make a decent living, do some traveling for work, and just smile at the end of the day, because this is your life! I couldn't be more happier knowing Brian might be doing more of these gigs, and its even cooler because he crossed into MY realm, EDM festival addiction. ( he's looking for that next festival to work )

        Camp Bisco boasts 5 stages that include 2 massive side by side Main Stages, 2 dance tents, silent disco, and a Showcase Stage. Brian was the LD for the House Left main stage or 'Stage B' at any time a DJ didn't bring their own LD. The 2 Main Stages were of equal size, but Stage 'A' was the Disco Biscuits stage, House Right. As far as gear that was provided, Creative Stage Lighting provided ( you guessed it ) lighting, and the production company for Camp Bisco was Atomic Pro Audio.  I'm really jealous that Brian ran lights for my all time #2 favorite DJ, Wolfgang Gartner. If you haven't seen Wolfgang, put him on your list. I would never work while Wolfgang was playing, but I was jealous because I wasn't watching that specific set. ( yea I'm one of 'those' fans ) The headliner for 'B Stage' was Bassnector. This DJ writes his own computer code for his unique compression and gating to give his sets a never before sound and auditory experience. That being said, Bassnector can have a full touring rig of his own all year long because he can get a large amount of tickets sold with his name on the roster. Andrew Cass is Bassnector's LD and he designed 'B Stage' to accentuate the auditory stimuli that front man Lorin Ashton has created. WIth this 'base' rig, Brian had plenty of toys to play with when Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis took the stage, along with Zeds Dead and a few more artists, Brian had plenty of programming options . The rig could accompany more gear as different DJs would add for their personal show. The gear list provided is just the basic list for B Stage.

A always, I welcome all feedback, pictures, comments, or questions!



Grand MA version 2 with a MA lite networked for more executors 


12 Martin Mac III Profiles

5 Mac 2K wash

18 Sharpys

12 Robe 100

13 Martin Atomic 3k Strobes with color scrollers

15 20 lite Mole blinder

6 hazers

All photos provided by Brian.

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Comment by cody stoltz on July 22, 2013 at 7:04am
I wish i would've known you were out there i was doing lasers in the big tent that weekend

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