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Interesting Venue Concept in St. Petersburg Florida

Check this out!  I was searching around for something last night and came across this concept idea for a new venue on the water front in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Well, not really the water front, but a pier.

The proposal created by danish firm BIG architects is one of three shortlisted submissions for
the st. petersburg pier international design competition. the masterplan will organize and harmonize
a variety of individual events along a network of paths, merging to form the iconic pier structure
which will gradually flow into the waters of tampa bay. the branching pattern will collectively form
the 'tributary park' containing native plantings of diverse color schemes. the gardens will highlight
the programmatic sectors of the park including the museum, observation deck, playgrounds and natural
forested areas.

How awesome would it be to light a show there? Check out more images of the concept here.

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Comment by cody stoltz on December 22, 2011 at 10:36pm

fuck rigging that thing...

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