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Holy ship 2013

Well it's that time of year when HARD PRESENTS throws their 2nd annual music festival cruise. HARD Is based out of California, but makes the continental trek to ft. Lauderdale for a four night cruise to the Bahamas. This trip consists of some of the best electro house, dub step, and "hard" style music DJs in our EDM family. Special surprise guest this year was Skrillex along with a surprise hip hop party hosted by Atrak. The music started every night a 7pm and ended at 4am. The first stop on the tour was Nassau with several hungover ravers making the trip to go snorkeling or hang out at the world famous Atlantis for the day. The 2nd day had us at a private island for a private concert on the beach. It wasn't as cool as the private island last year, but it was nice. I was smart enough to go jet skiing early that day, and have jet ski's changed! The ones we were on got up to 50 miles an hour. The water was super rough and we had a blast! My hangover was gone once we got off the ski's and I was ready to finish the cruise in style. Note to self-adrenaline cures all!

Last years stage production ( on the ship) was small, but this year they brought so much more gear, including Sharpies ( I'll include a gear list at the end). I boarded the ship at 1:30 pm and they still had the stage down loading lights, running DMX, and power. The first DJ went on at 7pm so i didn't bug anyone for tech specs right away. The console for main stage was a Grand MA version 2. The sound systems were unbelievably great this year with me needing to wear my earplugs most the time. At one point I was in the theatre stage and thought I had small hairs on my face from hugging someone, but realized the bass was vibrating my face so hard that that's what the tickle was coming from. That's a serious sound system!

In my last blog I had given a preview of all my festivals claiming that Holy Ship was probably my favorite event of 2012, well the music was twice as good this year with my favorite DJ Boys Noize showing up. in addition, I witnessed some absolutely amazing sets by Justice, Skeam and Benga, Zedd, Tommy Trash, Destructo, and new comers ( to me ) Digitalism. If i get my ears soaked with amazing music, that's it, I'm done and happy. So it's safe to say that this music festival can be compared to any of the big ones like EDC or Ultra because the HARD family has the right people in their arsenal!

I was asked by a fellow tech if I would ever want to work this kind of event. I think no for right now because I consider these events MAJOR stress relievers. I never want to lose the innocent look toward events I enjoy. Would I do a huge festival? Hell yes because that's an opportunity no one should pass up. What are your thoughts?Do you want to keep events innocent so you can enjoy them or have you already become jaded? Let me know your thoughts.

Main stage
10 sharpies
12 Martin 301
6 color blazes
4 mole 4 lights

14 301 LED wash

10 mac 2ks

6 color blazes ( or equivalent)

Theater stage had some great gear, take a look.

I wasn't able to get a complete list of gear, but then you can play the guessing game when you see the pictures.

Photo credit goes to Jordan Whaley because my camera sucks.

Boys Noize!!!

This is the theatre

This a an epic picture of Boys Noize and Justice together on stage!

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