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Finishing 5 In A Row- The Joint > Redneck Tractor Races

     After the first three shows we headed over to “The Joint” at The Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This will be my third time here and to this day I have had a great experience. The last time I did a gig here was last year in August with Chris Isaak. I had a blast doing the Isaak show here so it was fun to come back with the country act I normally work with for another ride. I have said it before and I'll say it again for me shows aren't only anticipated by how cool the room and gear are in the venue, but by how productive the crew is in-house.

     Coming in again I noticed some newer faces and some familiar faces from my previous visits, but it was business as always. There were some younger fellows in there that you could tell were learning, but the one thing I always appreciate is that they don't hesitate to ask questions. For me if you can follow directions and try to absorb information the next time I have returned to the same venue I have noticed the improvement in their knowledge or in some cases they have even moved on to other gigs to expand their horizons.

     For this visit we had a whole new set list so I definitely wanted to take my time with programming to really lock it in with their rig. Between our Sharpys and Showline Bars combined with their Showguns, Alpha Washes, Alpha Spots, and Omni moving Moles this was truly gonna be a swinging rig for the night. As usual it was a blast and I have Barry, Josh, David, and the rest of the guys on their crew to thank for their continued help and dedication to make my day easy and the gig a success.

     After the Tulsa show we finished up in redneck heaven at a county fair in Des Moines, IA opening up for Alan Jackson again. Now this one was a doozy. When you pull into the gig you are instantly awoken at 8am by the announcer on the loud speaker for the Tractor races happening all day. So shortly after you hear the loud speaker from your bunk you hear an engine as loud as can be grinding. Not only this then you step off the bus to see what the hell is going on and you see these guys hauling ass with dirt flying up everywhere. Holy hell it was crazy! Then the icing on the cake the stage gets attached to a bulldozer and drug into place once the races finish up for the day then you can finally tie in power and check your gear. Again we got out alive, but that one may have taken the championship title for weirdest gig ever... So far!

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Comment by Barry Scot Furgerson on August 23, 2013 at 11:37am
Awesome to have you pilot this rig again my brother! And, as always you rocked it for all its worth!
Thanks for the kind words as well, I'll share the love with the crew!

Keep care!
Come bak soon!
We'll keep the rig up for ya!

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