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So, you got a million somethings in your Vectorworks document and you want to select them all. That can be a pain, except Vectorworks makes it easy.

The Magic Wand tool in the Basic Toolset is your friend. The tool icon looks like a little magic wand and is in the middle of the Toolset. The Tool Preferences offer many options and you can manage many different sets of options if you like. Creating Options gives you short cuts in all of your documents accessed via the drop down next to the Preferences Button.

Unfortunately, the tool does not give you a lot of options you might want for selecting Spotlight Lighting Devices and making changes. For instance you can't select all units with a specific color assigned to change the color, or you can select all of one kind of Spotlight Lighting Device Symbol.

But, there's another way.

The Spotlight>Find and Modify command is your friend here. Look at the bevy of options. Too many to explain in a blog post. I do go through a few in my book;Entertainment Design; Scenery, Lighting, and Sound with Vectorworks...  but you knew that, right?

You can add criteria and select across a huge plot to change color, unit type, gobo, Label Legend and more.

Prior to version 2012 or 2103 (I forget), this was more of a challenge. Previously, this customized dialogue was added, but the functionality existed using the Tools>Custom Modification command. This command is not specific to theatrical work, but offers many options for custom selections  and quick, easy creating of scripts to address other types of objects.

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