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If you haven't seen it by now, it's worth a couple minutes of your time to see what Motley Crue is doing. They have a roller coaster of a drum set that looks amazing. The design and lighting are well executed. Kudos to the designers as the concept is undeniably cool. However it must be virtually impossible to play drums upside down. Because Tommy Lee is a good drummer, but to be honest, this is some of the most boring stuff I have ever seen. He seems to just hold the typical 4th grade kick and snare beat for 10 straight minutes. It could just be the lack of quality audio on this recording is throwing me off. Or the fact that I think most drum solos are second only to bass solos in finding the optimum time for a bathroom break..

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Comment by Brian Berg on July 11, 2014 at 9:59am

I agree. I've never liked drum solos, and you can usually watch the boredom set in on the faces of the audience too. Same goes for the guitar solo. If I wanted to see a soloist, I would pay to see a soloist. Both are hard to light because it's hard to follow something that isn't based on any song structure, I can punt most any song in any genre of music, but solos (and to a lesser degree hip-hop track acts) are not fun....

The one drum solo I truly enjoyed was Clayton Cameron from Tony Bennett. He does a brush solo that's cool.

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