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   At first glance one may think this blog is about dressing nice for a corporate event. Or stepping up your attire with yer "Sunday go to meeting" clothes that the Beverly Hills Clampetts spoke of. But no, I'm talking about the problems many of us face by not packing appropriately for say, a month at a time. When you know you are going to multiple gigs before you will arrive back home.

     This month has found me on both coasts of Canada as well as Miami and San Diego. It's a frightening cold winter. I live in Minnesota and even we are complaining about this vortex from the Arctic stuff. Great Lakes are freezing over. How does this happen in this industrial age of global warming? I have no idea but I do know how to keep warm. It takes a lot of clothes. Like a full suitcase of warm gear along with the down coat and hoodie you wear outside, may last a week. 

     I started out in the great Northwest a month ago. It was freezing in Boise and Vancouver etc. But I have about 6 sweater shirts, some sweatshirts and some long johns. This takes up over half of my Samsonite Oyster suitcase. My suitcase when fully loaded to capacity weighs 46 lbs. So for 1 week I will probably dirty up close to 30 lbs of laundry. Because I refuse to carry two full size suitcases, I carefully choose how to get 1 weeks' worth of warm clothing in the remaining suitcase space. So I pack in 7 tee shirts, 7 button down shirts and a couple pairs of pants. 

     Spme times while on tour with one act, I have to fly to cover one offs or attend meetings on off days. Quick 1-2 day trips where I wish to spend zero time checking or waiting on luggage. Do I have a roller board case. When leaving on tour I generally fill this case with 48 hours worth of clothes and a toilet bag. The suitcase is like the mothership for my clothes, and every 48 hours my little guy docks to it and replenishes itself with 48 hours worth of clean supplies. With any luck, I will spend an entire month without ever bringing my big suitcase into any hotel I check into.

       So back to the original thread, this time of year is tough to pack for. I find myself sending loads out to the local laundry house once a week. It is too cold to leave the hotel in Montreal today and the next week is all gigs in the North east. I will fly to Austin next week to play the iTunes festival at the same place they shoot Austin City Limits.Looking forward to some fine Texas heat

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Comment by Donald Weeks on March 3, 2014 at 1:12pm

I know what you mean its that time of the year.  I have a Canadian tour that starts in a couple weeks.  Then it heads south to finish on a Cruise ship for a week.  I'm from upstate NY so I'm used to the cold, but I hate packing for cold and warm weather at the same time. It's tough these days with the 50 lb limit.  

Safe travels Nook

Comment by Marshall Sweeten on March 3, 2014 at 12:08pm

Staying warm indeed. Please let me know when you are coming around again, if you think of it. I LOve what I do as a Deck Electrician.

Comment by Nook Schoenfeld on March 3, 2014 at 12:01pm

Hey Marshall, Good to see you here. Haven't been back there since last fall with John Legend. Trust you guys are keeping hunkered down trying to stay warm this winter.

Comment by Marshall Sweeten on March 3, 2014 at 11:40am

Hope to see you again sometime soon over here in Atlantic City.

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