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Word to the wise… NAB = Wear comfortable shoes! If you have been to LDI at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you know what I am talking about. Only times that by four! LDI typically only takes up the central hall of the LVCC, NAB, the ENTIRE complex and more.  Not only does NAB take up lower, upper south hall, but all of central and north hall. In fact, that still is not enough room. Exhibits spill out in to the outdoor section between central and south hall where dead case storage typically is. To sum it up… NAB is MASSIVE.

The first day of the show is spent walking, talking and more walking. Getting a gist of the layout, finding the areas of the halls that you want to visit and then being drawn in by the toys, gadgets and flashing lights.  It is a lot to take in. There is a reason the exhibit portion of NAB is 4 days long and 9 hour days.  There is just that much to take in.

After getting lost in all the new techno gadgets and tools, you already realize it is 2pm and you’ve haven’t had lunch yet.  The other 80,000 attendees are thinking the same thing, time to gets some “lovely” convention center food. 30 minutes in line, 10 minutes of shoveling food down and an afternoon of regents on food choices, it’s back to the floor.

Only 4 hours to go and your feet already hurt and you still haven’t gotten out of central hall.  Yeah, it is a LONG day with three more to go.  That was my day and I loved every minute of it… though, my feet say otherwise.

NAB is a great show and offers products and services for almost every single aspect to television and film product. If you are a tech geek like myself, NAB is mecca. If you haven’t noticed, I have dabbled in “film” product with Dabbling is an over statement… I am still pretty green behind the ears compare to others. But there were a host of “quick” sessions and tutorials happening all over the show floor in exhibitors booths. I was drawn into a tutorial about mic placement. Who knew I was doing it wrong all this time. Give me a break, I light people up, not mic them up! After 10 minutes, I can better mic a person, thanks NAB!

Today was a race around to see everyone I knew and catch up since the last time. Then it was on to new products and exploring everything NAB has to offer. I just scratched the surface today.  Maybe tomorrow I can break some skin! ;)

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