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OK, so I did do a bit of work over the last 4 day weekend. Time has no holidays off for the wicked. But my work was easy. I just got on the phone several times to talk to Chris, my artist. I send him 3d Vectorworks drawings, and he turns them into beautiful Cinema 4D renderings. He is just so much faster than I that I use him for the majority of my renderings these days.

    After a few revisions, He and I chat with John Featherstone, one of my partners in crime I use when I am under the crunch. Since I will be busy on another tour when this one starts rehearsals, he will cover me, should we get the gig.

Sent in the drawings 30 minutes ago and the band will look at them over the next day and decide if they wish to utilize my services. They have a couple other LD types submitting stuff, so it could get interesting. I listened to the theme of what the band was looking for, then came up with some ideas that kept with their theme, but took it to another level. Hopefully they like it and next week I can reveal the band.

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