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An apocalyptic year-end review

Wow what a great year 2012 turned out to be! Some of the shows in the edm market were groundbreaking, jaw dropping, shows & tell sessions of complete artistry. If you are scratching your head saying to yourself, "Elisa, what shows did you see this year"? I was privileged to attend Holy Ship, Hard presents ( Ultra pre party), Ultra, EDC Vegas, Identity, EDC Orlando, Fake Blood, Porter Robinson/Zedd, and Several touring Insomniac/HTG events.

But first lets talk about the upcoming year. I need help from you, the reader, promising to be more active in the pro lighting space world. I need to hear from anyone who wants to talk about gear, upcoming shows, shows you are working on, and general comments. We are writing our blogs for you as a tool of communication and troubleshooting. I can't tell you how many times an LD has told a funny story about a problem they had in a club instal and not 2 months later, I run into the same problem, but can fix it quickly because their story was shared. I don't believe in the mentality that we should all lock up our knowledge and keep it from other techs. SURE we have all been burned by another tech taking credit for our hard work, but the times we can help our fellow techs should out numbers the latter. 2013 should be a year of looking past the peacock stage of our career and focus on collaboration and learning ( yes learning) new skill sets. Not to mention needing to reach out to others in a mentor capacity.

I attend several music festivals a year ( the big ones) from my location in Central Florida. I will continue to work full time at my huge theme park, and work at a local downtown club. The reason I am telling you this is maybe you live in Montana and can't relate to anything I'm talking about. Well I know there are some fun shows near Montana so I give you permission to contact me, post some pictures and tech specs ( what type of gear they are using ). I will call these segments "I wish I could have seen that show" and give you full credit for being the patron or LD on the show.

Now onto the year in review

First up- HARD presents Holy Ship. This was probably my favorite event this year from a patron's point of view. Don't get me wrong, EDC Vegas and Ultra are amazing, but I've never done a festival on a cruise and this one had a great lineup. There is nothing like being on a private island with a huge pirate ship in the middle of it, with Fatboy slim playing a killer set. Lighting/video wise, there wasn't a ton to write home about, but it was cool to see the transformation of a cheesy cruise ship to a cool EDM stage, and yea the sound was really great as well.

Next up-Ultra. Wow what can you say. They moved the event to a smaller venue space, but completely made up for it on the technical side. The trance stage was converted to a huge bee hive and the mainstage was so large that they had video walls on the ceiling to wrap the guests in a dome of video.

The event of the year,for me, was Electric Daisy Carnival VEGAS. This has it all. The stages are completely new with the festival filling an ENTIRE motor speedway. The fireworks were 20 minutes long with sky-divers, trampoline acts, fire artists, and so much atmosphere talent walking around that "carnival" was an understatement.

Identity is another one of my favorite events because its a touring, one day festival that comes close to me. PLUS Wolfgang Gartner is always on the bill. He is my number 2 and I will travel great distances to see him. Even tho the festival is a touring one, the main stage is impressive.

EDC Orlando surprised the heck out of me with upgrades of staging and lighting. So I'm very proud to call it my home festival.

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