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Your Thoughts on LEDs, Are they good enough?

It never fails. At least once a day I get an email or asked in person, "What do you think of LEDs?" I use to have an automatic response, but lately, I ponder the question a bit before I share. In all honesty, I love LEDs, they are a wonderful thing... if used in the correct way.

Let me explain.

As of right now, LEDs offer a nice wash fixture with unbelievable color choices at the touch of a button. But they still lack something in my opinion.  Intensity and beam quality for a front light. That is, as of right now, at this very moment.

Who knows, in just a couple short weeks, my opinion on fronts lights may change with LDI and someone introducing a break out fixture. It is possible!  LEDs have come a long way in a short amount of time, but their growth is still in it's teenage years. They are on the cuspe of maturing and becoming an "adult". 

A quick story...

I was at a local hardware store and walked past the LAMP section. Their were a ton of LED replacement lamps available, but all of the less expensive options seemed to be running low, while the higher quality of LED lamps were over filling the shelves. Why you might ask, it is the uninformed consumer. Price was the driving point and not the quality of light. The less expensive LED lamps were in a range of 80 to 85 CRI while the more expensive lamps were in the range of 90-93 CRI. As professionals, we know the higher the CRI, the better quality of light, but the general population don't know this and thus want the energy savings, but at the lowest price possible. They may be saving money in the cost of the lamp, but soon will find out that these less expensive LED lamps don't feel natural.

LEDs are wonderful, but you get what you pay for sometimes.  Educating yourself on what to look for whether it is an LED remplacement lamp for an LED wash light, an education on what to look for will save you money and headaches later.

What are you thoughts on LEDs? Do you think they are good enough right now? Where do you expect them to go and the ever important question... WHEN will they get there?

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Comment by George B Studnicky IV on October 22, 2011 at 2:30pm

If your going to LDI you will see LED beat the 1200 W and even match the 1500 W arc source Benchmark. See the JB Lighting A12 and you will know what I mean. Had it my hands this week and first thing I did was sit it right next to a VL 3500 Wash and was very pleased. Nothing short of what I expected coming from the company that brought the worlds FIRST LED Automated Wash lights.

Comment by Speedy Gonzales on October 21, 2011 at 3:06pm
LEDs are a great thing problem with them are they are not good enough right now to compete with a 1200w HMI bulb. they will get better in the very near future, but their problem will be they will be out of cost range in the beginning simply because that is the nature of the market. i can wait for them to get to the point as being the bulb in a MAC, Martin, Highend gear. on the other hand they need to get better with the video wall, basically meaning when one LED goes out in the middle of the screen, not to dissmantle the entire screen to replace that panel. thats just my opinion.

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