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For as long as I could read, I have been living under the impression that summer time is the best time to catch up on some reading.  Maybe it was something I learned early in school. "Catch up on your reading, you have nothing else to do!"  Yes, all through out my school years, summer time was the best time.  But since then, living and working in the real world makes it more difficult. 

Despite that I still take time out during the summer to catch up on some reading.  Hell, I kind of have to with the business that I am in.  This summer, I am determined to catch up on a few industry books, as well as some "free time" books. Here is a list of both work related and "free time" reading materials I am working on.

Industry Related

Free Time Reading

Now these are just books! On a daily bases, I speed a considerable amount of time catching up with news and information from around the industry from a whole HOST of sources, blogs, facebook, twitter, other magazines.  My account has over 3000 subscriptions. Most are industry related, but there are a number of personal and topics of interest to me in there.

The question is, how much do you spend feeding your brain? Either work related or personal?

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Comment by Justin Lang on July 23, 2014 at 7:10am

The goal is to read ALL of his books.  I wanted to start at the beginning and see the progression of Jack Ryan's career! ;)  I am slowly getting through them!

Comment by Nook Schoenfeld on July 22, 2014 at 7:02am

If you can finish 3 Clancy books in one summer, I will be impressed. Problem is you have chosen 3 books written over 20 years ago. Clancy was ahead of his time and spoke of( then unknown, outside of the military elite) technology that was simply marveled at. But these books were written before there were cell phones and an internet connection required 20 numbers and a knowledge of DOS. You may get bored.

   Not that there is anything wrong with a period of time novel. The classics will always be good. Just that Clancy was so cool because of the gadgets etc that he thought up. Stuff you thought would really be cool to have one day. And we do now. Amazing author. 


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