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New Case Design Makes Touring with Family Easier

Norwegian roadcase manufacturer Rufo recently debuted this new design, which looks innovative and useful. Not sure when it starts shipping or what the USA MAP pricing will be, but we're sure…


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Oh Man, Help Me Find This!!!

As a community, we NEED to find this!

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New Years Resolutions?!?

Happy 2013 everyone! First off, before I go into my rant about New Years Resolutions... How do you say 2013?

1: Twenty Thirteen

2: Two Thousand Thirteen

3: Thirteen

I hear it all, I am just wondering how you say it.

Since it is a New Year, it is time to start of with some New Year Resolutions. Why do we put SO much emphasis on starting a new with the calendar change? Whats to say mid year isn't a good time to start something new or change something in your…


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UVA's Lighting the Lawn 2012

I love my home state of Virginia, or more accurately known as the Commonwealth of Virginia! I have lived here most of my life and love everything about it. Most importantly, the colleges around the state.  I am a product of the University of Radford, a small University in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Blacksburg, VA or better known as the home of Virginia Tech.

I love my school, but I love the rich history of all the schools in the commonwealth. While I am a tartan through and…


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Keeping Organized... FOR REAL...this time

I spent the weekend organizing my life a little bit.  I took a hint from my co-worker and started using Things to keep my to-dos in one place.  Typically, I keep my to-dos on a note pad at the desk and then a couple of notepads for when I am away from the desk.  I took time out this weekend to bring all of the list into Things.  I am kind of scared at this point with…


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3D Projection Becoming Mainstream?

3D video mapping is a relatively new technology and form of media compared to other technologies that we utilize in our industry.  What started off as away to bring backgrounds of concerts and events into the production now seems to be mainstream for the entire world to enjoy and large corporations to take advantage…


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Adventures in Uplighting.

Recently I worked a gig where the client needed uplighting along a wall.  Something that everyone has done before and sounds super simple!  With this particular gig it was suppose to be nothing out of the ordinary.  What made it a breeze was that I had battery operated LED uplighters.  Set them up, set them to a fixed color and call them done. 

Well, with this particular client, there were some requirements. Each of the six uplighters needed to be in different colors; colors that…


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Why You Read PLS... Advanced Online Extras of PLSN!

We are wrapping up the October issue of PLSN today. It is taking a bit longer than normal. When you see the magazine, you'll know why! As promised, I have some advanced sneak peaks of the magazine with our exclusive online extras for some or our Production Profiles and Showtime Features. So here we go...

Production Profile: Madonna MDNA 2012 Tour…


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We Can Not Do Anything Right

Remember last summer how the nation and the world shined a magnifying glass on us due to the accidents? They were pretty harsh on us!  Saying that we needed better standards, a watchful eye on the sky and more.  We needed to put the public's safety first.

Now, there is a BUNCH more behind all that story, but we'll just go along with the outcry from the public for now. Fast forward to 2012... Last week, the fans of Eric Church went crazy at the Coca Cola Field, throwing chairs,…


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(DMX + Building) * LEDs = Teris Fun

While at USITT, I got a chance to play Pong with Dough Fleenor with his Edison Light and apathy controllers. It was a blast... then I saw this.  Playing Teris on the side of a building... YES PLEASE.  Who is up for it? Let's find a building, hook up some LEDs and play some…


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Day One of Nab 2012 is a Wrap

Word to the wise… NAB = Wear comfortable shoes! If you have been to LDI at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you know what I am talking about. Only times that by four! LDI typically only takes up the central hall of the LVCC, NAB, the ENTIRE complex and more.  Not only does NAB take up lower, upper south hall, but all of central and north hall. In fact, that still is not enough room. Exhibits spill out in to the outdoor section between central and south hall where dead case storage typically…


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NAB This Week

The NAB Show, (National Association of Broadcasters) doesn't sound like much of a show for us, but it is.  Lighting is lighting and we cover entertainment. Don't you think TV & Film is considered part of the entertainment segment? I have to admit, I don't do much in that market, but when I have, it is fun and exciting.

How so you may ask... Have you ever had to re-focus a light within a 45 commercial break? Yeah, it can get nerve racking.

I'll be at the NAB Show all week…


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Pathway Connect Introduces Cognito Desk

This is what I love about trade shows. The little surprises! I use that term in size only, not in news worthness. Pathport Connect introduced a lighting console at USITT 2012!!! If you know Pathport, they have some AWESOME networking and DMX products. Who would have ever guessed that…


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USITT Session on Creating a Digital Presence

Later this week, USITT kicks off in Long Beach California.  I'll be heading to the left coast in a little bit.  If you are planning on heading to USITT, mark your calendar.  I'll be joining Todd Proffitt, professor at SUNY, Fredonia and Stage Directions Editor, Jacob Coakley on Thursday at 9:30am to talk about your digital presence. 

We'll be talking about how to market yourself online and creating portfolios online and on digital devices. Make sure to head to room 104A and join in…


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Month Long Road Test of the ETC Gio

Over on our sister site,, I am running a month long review of the new ETC Gio Lighting Desk.  Why should TheatreFace get all of the fun? ;)  I am re-posting and sharing it here on PLS.  Let's put the Gio through it's paces and really get inside of the desk! From TheatreFace:

In Mid 2011, ETC introduced a new console to the Eos family of control…


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Guest post on Stage Directions: Running Without a Backup Is a Disaster in the Making

My fellow editor, Jacob Coakley from Stage Directions Magazine got a chance to take a vacation. While away, he asked me to write a blog post or two for him over on I had an interesting topic to talk about, Running without a backup.  In the professional world, it is unheard of to run a show with out a full tracking backup desk. But to often, smaller venues and community theaters do. Thinking back on it now, I use to do that quite a bit on some smaller shows. Though, we…


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Did You Watch The Halftime Show?

Last nights Super Bowl Halftime Show was something to watch!  Madonna performed with LMFAO making an appearance. If you were on twitter last night, a bunch of people tweeted about the show and what was going on. We learned that the lighting designer for the show was Al Gurdon and the Set Design by Bruce Rodgers of…


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Join PLSN on Twitter Sunday for the Halftime Show

PLSN Editor, Justin Lang, yes, ME and Editor of Stage Directions Magazine Jacob Coakley will be live tweeting the Super Bowl Halftime show on twitter.  Rather then waiting till Monday to talk about it, we are going to do it live while it happens. Join us on twitter wont you? Here is more information.

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A New Bill Requiring Indiana Stage Inspections Advances

The Indiana State Senate is considering a passing a bill that would require applicants to submit proof to the state that a qualified inspector has checked out the stage before any performance can happen. This should be interesting to see how it unfolds and if it happens before the Super Bowl happening on February 5th in Indianapolis.

Read more about the proposed…


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A Week into 2012

Has it already been one week into 2012? Time sure does fly! Soon enough, we'll be asking what happened to winter. Did everyone have a good holiday break? I'm sure everyone had their own gigs and events going on to where the New Years Eve party was just another event.It happens to many times,we go from one event to another while planning 2 to 6 months down the road.

I, like many have already began working on summer events with fall planning soon to come. When will it ever end?…


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