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Politics Aside... What Else is Obama Releasing Today?

I may live in DC, but unlike the rest of population of this town, I don't like talking politics.  It's just not fun and can turn your friends into enemies really quick.  So setting aside politics today, have you heard that the White House released copies of President Obama's original long-form birth certificate?

I don't want to get into the middle of why he is doing this or if he should or shouldn't. It's not my cup of tea. What I did want to point out is a hash tag running on twitter…


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Welcome Our New Bloggers to PLS

This was the longest and hardest weekend lately for me.  I had to sort through all of the submissions for being a blogger here on PLS.  I am happy to announce that we have four new bloggers here on PLS!  It was a tough choice for each section with multiple entries for each.  I want to thank everyone that submitted their name.  It was not an easy choice to just four people. If you did not make the "cut", I am sorry. BUT, there will be multiple opportunity in the future for blogging, writing…


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Happy Earth Day!


This one snuck up on me too, but yes, today, April 22nd, is Earth Day.  Great... But was does that mean? Does everyone in the world celebrate Earth's Birthday today?  If that is the case, I want to be there when Mother Earth blows out her birthday cake candles, that's a lot of candles!

Seriously though, what is Earth Day? Wikipedia defines it as such:

Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's…


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Scheduled Chat on PLS - What do you want to talk about?

When you log into PLS, at the very bottom of the home screen, you might notice we have an online chat feature.  On all the other pages of PLS, the chat window goes down to the very bottom of your browser window, very similar to how Facebook.

I want to throw an idea out to the community about having a scheduled online chat.  We would pick a date and time to meet on the site and chat about something... in real time.  Rather then everyone just meeting at a certain time online and wait…


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ProLight + Sound Starts This Week

ProLight + Sound starts a bit later this week.  While I would love to make it to Germany this week for the show, I have prior obligations that I need to attend to first.  In my place, Mr. Paul Watson will be covering the show for us.  He will be on the ground all four days looking for the latest products, services.

From time to time, Paul will be checking in here on PLS to see if people have questions, places to stop and information to share about the show.  Here is your chance, get…


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