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Where were you the first time you saw a source four?

Gary Fails from City Theatrical sent out his monthly email newsletter.  If you don't subscribe to it, you really should!  He always has some interesting perspective on the industry as well as new product announcements in the newsletter.

His first article in the newsletter was about the f…


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Small LED Profile Mover?

I was asked today if there is a small mid range led profile mover on the market. I know of a handful like elation, GLP and elektralite. Any suggestions?

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Daily Deposit of $86,400... What Would You Do?

Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day. Every evening the bank deletes whatever part of the balance you failed to use during the day. What would you do?

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Micky Dolenez to Host the 2013 Parnelli Awards

LAS VEGAS — Micky Dolenz of Monkees fame will be hosting the 2013 Parnelli Awards in Las Vegas on November 23, executive producer Terry Lowe announced. “We are thrilled to have this consummate entertainer hosting our 13th annual award show,” said Lowe, also publisher of…


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Favorite Photos From the Week

Saw these over on Facebook.  Some amazing "art" with feeder!

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Favorite Photos From the Week

I get around just a bit on the interwebs.  There is some CRAZY stuff out there. Here are two of my favorite photos from the week.…


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Candela, Lumen & Lux explained in a single Photo.

Have you ever wondered what the REAL definitions of Candela, Lumen and Lux are? We should all know what they mean right? I'll be honest, I didn't know candela!

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"LD" Wanted in Berlin For Light Graffiti

An excerpt from the article:

Berlin police are investigating a light artist for projecting the phrase "United Stasi of America" onto the the US Embassy in Berlin. The phrase refers to the former East German secret police and was meant as a protest against American spying. But can the artist really be…


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Try smelling the Color 9

I was asked to share this... They had me at Please...

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2013 Hometown Hero Nominations are OPEN!

I am re-posting this from the Parnelli Awards website...

Each year PLSN honors regional lighting production companies with our Hometown Heroes awards. These awards honor the best regional lighting production company in six regions across North America: the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest and Canada. The best part about this is that PLSN readers — the people who actually work with these companies — get to decide who’s really the best.



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Welcome Back To The Internet

During most of July, I have been taking some time off to do a road trip around the mid west. It's not a TRUE vacation as I still had to put out a magazine and still keep up with all the news happening around the industry.  While planning out this trip over a year ago, I had made sure that each leg of the trip, (5 in total) had internet connection. Without it, I couldn't do the trip, I live and work on this thing!

Well, wouldn't you know it, the third leg, the one I was looking forward…


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InfoComm 2013: Day One

I have to start with asking InfoComm a question... Why Orlando in the middle of June???  I can deal with the heat, I can deal with the humidity... but together, in the middle of summer?  I think I lost 10 pounds just walking from the parking lot to the convention center! Inside isn't so bad, it's just that after a long day of walking miles on the show floor, dealing with the heat and humidity is not how I want to end my day.  Enough griping about the weather.

Day one on the show floor…


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Smaller Trade Shows... Are They Worth It?

Let me start of by saying that I love the idea of localized trade shows.  I am a huge fan of them. All of the exhibitors are on a level playing field meaning that they have about the same space as each other to show off their latest products and services.  Unlike larger trade shows where you can easily be sucked into a massive booth seeing everything that the manufacturer has to offer.  Sometimes that is fun, but when you have a limited time frame, you begin to miss out on other…


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Time to Upgrade Your TV.... AGAIN. 4K is already here.

With any technology, give it two years and it will hit the mass market. That hold true with 4K "ULTRA" HD TV.  It is offical, you can buyt 4K TVs at Best Buy... Well, Pre-Order one at least.

You can …


Added by Justin Lang on April 24, 2013 at 5:39am — 3 Comments

PLS to Take a Break (Maintenance) on Wednesday Night

We'll be taking ProLightingSpace off-line for for about 3 hours on Wednesday, March 27 from 10pm to 1am Pacific Time. Why, we have some maintenance to do as well as prepare for some new features that we'll be rolling out in the near future. 

During the Break PLS will be in "maintance mode" with no access to any of the site. It sucks, but we need to make sure the site stays secure and get those last little bugs, (if there where any!) worked out.

Here are some things to do during…


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New Case Design Makes Touring with Family Easier

Norwegian roadcase manufacturer Rufo recently debuted this new design, which looks innovative and useful. Not sure when it starts shipping or what the USA MAP pricing will be, but we're sure…


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Oh Man, Help Me Find This!!!

As a community, we NEED to find this!

Added by Justin Lang on January 28, 2013 at 5:31pm — 2 Comments

New Years Resolutions?!?

Happy 2013 everyone! First off, before I go into my rant about New Years Resolutions... How do you say 2013?

1: Twenty Thirteen

2: Two Thousand Thirteen

3: Thirteen

I hear it all, I am just wondering how you say it.

Since it is a New Year, it is time to start of with some New Year Resolutions. Why do we put SO much emphasis on starting a new with the calendar change? Whats to say mid year isn't a good time to start something new or change something in your…


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UVA's Lighting the Lawn 2012

I love my home state of Virginia, or more accurately known as the Commonwealth of Virginia! I have lived here most of my life and love everything about it. Most importantly, the colleges around the state.  I am a product of the University of Radford, a small University in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Blacksburg, VA or better known as the home of Virginia Tech.

I love my school, but I love the rich history of all the schools in the commonwealth. While I am a tartan through and…


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Keeping Organized... FOR REAL...this time

I spent the weekend organizing my life a little bit.  I took a hint from my co-worker and started using Things to keep my to-dos in one place.  Typically, I keep my to-dos on a note pad at the desk and then a couple of notepads for when I am away from the desk.  I took time out this weekend to bring all of the list into Things.  I am kind of scared at this point with…


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