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"Polythread knitted textile pavilion" at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

"Polythread knitted textile pavilion" may sound more like something Tim Gunn might ask his designers to go shopping in than an art installation, but it's an art installation, part of Cooper-Hewitt's design triennial, that uses 3D digitally-knitted (!) fabric elements, phosphorescent and drake yarns, twill tape and aluminum tubing. From the Cooper-Hewitt website:…


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3ds Max Tips

Tip 1

Did you realize that "engineering materials" and "self enlightened" materials are light emanating (for Mental Ray and Vray) ? On the off chance that you apply them on a container you will get a comparable impact as a "photometric range light" or a "Vray light".

Tip 2

Attempt to utilize constantly delicate shadows…


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Iranian architecture

Iranian photographer Mehrdad Rasoulifard (@m1rasoulifard) is taking his Instagram followers on a visual journey through the history of Iranian architecture and design. Iran is home to one of the oldest civilizations in human history, and the architecture and tilework are stunningly beautiful; breathtaking to behold. There's some amazing inspiration to be found in here for set designs and artwork.…


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Damn that's bright

I'm not allowed to tell you all who this is, but the rear lighting is provided by the new AtomicLED strobe.  This is bad ass. …


Added by Nook Schoenfeld on February 25, 2016 at 11:47am — 1 Comment

Video: calling shots at Superbowl 50

This is an intense and very cool behind-the-scenes look at calling camera shots at Superbowl 50. All the shots were planned in advance, but that doesn't diminish the amazing display of camera-calling prowess. I love how she keeps time to the music. Talented director for sure.

Added by Craig Rutherford on February 18, 2016 at 9:00pm — No Comments

Praktische Ratschläge Neuling Designer

Einer meiner Freunde haben sich kürzlich dem Kreativagentur als Novize Grafikdesigner. Die ersten zwei Wochen war er in einem gewissen Unordnung. Als relativ neu im professionellen Bereich, wurde er im Büro zu arbeiten, nicht verwendet. Ich konnte sehen, dass er wirklich ein paar nützliche Tipps nutzen könnten, dass die Menschen in dieser Zeit geben könnte, er hat bereits als Designer und eine gute Erfahrung eingeben. Mit dem Dilemma von Schwierigkeiten in die neue Arbeitsumgebung anzupassen…


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The sliding scale of art vs pragmatism

Let's start with a visual that I find...amusing.

Create fabulous design, ruin it, as per client's request.

These were my feeling the other day when I was working on a design for a client that I have a great professional relationship with and have worked with for many years. I was serving as as the designer (and most of the programming) this time, with a good friend of mine serving as the LD out on the road. I had just finished programming one of my favorite songs, one with a really cool backbeat…


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Let's talk about color

Color is the most intangible of all our tools. It is a mix between physics, psychology, semantics and even spirituality. We don’t even know what a Lighting Designer means when he’s talking about giving “more warmth to the light”. We can understand that he wants to “heat up” the light source, and therefore, to lower its color temperature or to absorb long wavelengths, typically considered as “cold”. But some lighting guys will translate…


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Lighting Nerds Episode 005 – Only fourteen hours late!

Website download: Episode 005

Direct download: Episode 005

Between having a nasty upper respiratory infection (just what you want when you’re a podcaster) gigging over New Years, and moving to different houses, it’s a wonder we’re only fourteen hours late…


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Lighting Nerds Episode 004 - A Positive Upward Spiral of Creativity!

Website download: Episode 004

Direct download: Episode 004

It’s the holiday season! In this episode of Lighting Nerds:


Happy birthday Columbus McKinnon, visit their blog at:…


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LIghting Nerds Episode 003 - You're (not) a rigger, Harry

Website link: Episode 003

Direct download: Episode 003

In this episode:


History and terminology: Fresnel lenses

Here's a diagram for your enjoyment:…


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3 Design Tips you need to Know

Get your visual communication diversion face on with these rousing tips!

Whether you're a making illustrations for online networking or outlining a welcome for a forthcoming occasion, the use of visual depiction is tremendous and adaptable.

From textual style blending and scale, to arrangement and white space, the aspects of the outline world are intricate. Let these quarter century outline tips help you through the pits and the crests of the imaginative procedure.



Added by Jay Rocket on December 8, 2015 at 9:33am — 1 Comment

Lighting Nerds Episode 002 - Vive la France

Direct link:


In this episode:

History and terminology: Limelight



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Space Glass art: entire solar systems within tiny glass spheres

I love glass artwork. Glass has the ability to be both incredibly strong and yet in its brittleness lies a fragility that we're all familiar with. Japanese artist Satoshi Tomizu sculpts amazing glass spheres which appear to contain planets, galaxies and beautiful tentril-like galactic structures, and a few others appear to contain delicate flower-like objects.…


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Lighting Designers or "Coolhunters"?

I really love my free time. Spending time with my family, going to cinema or walking the dog; I prefer any of those activities rather than investing full days in front of a computer, searching about the “trendiest” things in the world of lighting. Even when this is a technological profession, which is always moving fast, even when we love to learn more and more about lighting, where is the limit between increasing our knowledge and wasting our time with lengthy research about temporary…


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Lighting Nerds podcast launch

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

As promised a few months ago, we (me and my co-conspirator) are proud to announce the release of a new podcast geared toward entertainment lighting. We are calling it Lighting Nerds, and you can find the website here, as well as subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or via the…


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The Case of the Mysterious Hippo Server

A few weeks ago I had the misfortune to have a Green Hippo media server sent to me for a show by a well-known company that provides gear such as this. The misfortune was not so much that I got a Hippotizer, because they're excellent media servers that I've worked with before – but this particular server (or more accurately the software on it) was a giant lemon.

There are really four separate…


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DISASTER in China - One Dead, 13 Injured

Updates:  some photos -- obviously what it's supposed to look like

and the product of whatever failed up there...  I wish one of our more senior riggers would chime in here…


Added by Jim Hutchison on October 29, 2015 at 11:00am — 4 Comments

Console setup and palette theory

Today I want to dive into the nuts and bolts of laying our your lighting console and some of the tricks that I use when doing this. Note that I am primarily a grandMA programmer, and so these might not always translate to other consoles without a bit of modification. Also note that I am highly opinionated and have my own way of doing things. I present this as the way I would do things, and do not necessarily think that everyone should (or should want) to follow my workflows. Your…


Added by Craig Rutherford on October 21, 2015 at 7:00pm — 6 Comments

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