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Lotsa Paloozas

Finally landed home for a week of fixing stuff and ordering new parts for the house. But not after playing some great gigs in front of some amazing crowds. Perry Farrell's Lollapalooza festival takes place in 3 different countries at different times. Multiple stages where the crowds can flock to see their favorite Indie of world famous pop acts. The night before the main acts hit the stage, their LD's and techs come in and focus movers, clone looks into their existing show disks, etc. But my…


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Electric Thursdays at Centre In The Square

The recently posted photos are from the Electric Thursday Series at Centre In The Square.  This particular one is the Pink Floyd show. Great show - Jeans 'n Classics Band, Jean Meilleur vocals, Katalin Kiss, Leah Salomaa - Bkup Vocals and the Electric Thursdays Rock Orchestra.  Lighting by yours truly.

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Touring 101 - Life on the Road pt.2


Readers, Roadies, Skeptics and Crew,

Happy Holidays and Merry New Year,

I hope you enjoyed part 1 of Life on the Road, if you missed it - click here. This is part 2 of the series. I could potentially do a few more as time goes on, but I want to get into more specific topics after this post, and finally finish the product…


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Fun down South

    Did 3 gigs in Mexico last week. Awesome shows with the Dragons. Of course it all started out with the lies before the trusses left the ground. They had some strange Chinese strobes that were hard to figure out program wise. They had 2 dismal smoke machines. And the lighting company that showed up on site wasn't PRG, the people I had been conversing with about the rental gear.

      But in the end everything was great and the kids loved it. But it took all day for me to clone my…


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Time for the fibbing and half truths

Just got done with the United States leg of the Imagine Dragons. Headed down to South America for a few weeks. Doing some headlining shows as well as opening on some Lollapalooza dates. The opening slots should be fine. Especially since I am a whiz at day light lighting and we appear to go on stage around 6:30 or so. I get to watch some other great LD buddies work instead. Get to see Arlo work his magic with NIN. Get to see Scottt Holhaus with Red Hot Chili Peppers. Think I may run into Rob…


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1. Don’t try to fix it. There’s a bunch of complicated stuff in there that you don’t have a clue about.


It might even have some healthy food in it.


2. Go to backup.  Duh!


If it’s in the middle of the show and you don’t have a backup machine, you should run to the highest balcony and jump off.  


Some advice: if you flap your arms on the way down you might make yourself too tired to die. At least…


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All State Arena

      This is a grand old gig outside of Chicago. A sports palace of old that was a major stop for all tours during my career. From the outside, the place looks like a bib square box. But inside, you get the feel of being inside a large whiskey barrel. What appear to be wooden planks arch the ceiling in a curve, to be met by a flat rear wall. Dave Kob once described mixing audio in here as being the equivalent of trying to fine tune the sound inside a beer keg.

     But it's a great…


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Time, Inclination, Cost and Stupidity

I haven't spent a lot of time here on PLS and mean to rectify that as I find myself being shoved into the New World Order of moving light/video convergence.  Straight up, I bought into lighting as a self-defense move, lest the lighting companies beat me to the punch and provide bad audio for my clients.  Now, to be clear, my sloth-like arc toward lighting is probably somewhat typical.  Club kid who made flashy things happen onstage, band guy and booker who carried lighting so that it looked…


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old buildings, new names

Sometimes I look at my itinerary and think, "wow. I haven't been to this town in some time." I then imagine the ghastly venue of old and wonder why it hasn't been torn down yet. Kind of like The Joe Louis arena in Detroit. Sure it's historic. Sure its an old sports cathedral. But it takes up valuable space in a downtown area that needs a new venus so more acts will come play there. And 70 odd years of hockey pads have left a permanent distinctive aroma to this fine venue. Relieving my youth…


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New Beginnings. Old Ends.

This school year, around September 2013, I began working as an LD, programmer, and board op for the biggest and longest running night club in San Francisco; City Nights. The way this door was opened was miraculous. Literally the day before I met my clients, the previous LD had said he needed to tend to a burned down house that belonged to his parents. They were in dire need and I just happened across them with a business card. Funny thing is, I wanted this kind of job before coming up to SF.…


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Dressing Appropriately

   At first glance one may think this blog is about dressing nice for a corporate event. Or stepping up your attire with yer "Sunday go to meeting" clothes that the Beverly Hills Clampetts spoke of. But no, I'm talking about the problems many of us face by not packing appropriately for say, a month at a time. When you know you are going to multiple gigs before you will arrive back home.

     This month has found me on both coasts of Canada as well as Miami and San Diego. It's a…


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Where were you the first time you saw a source four?

Gary Fails from City Theatrical sent out his monthly email newsletter.  If you don't subscribe to it, you really should!  He always has some interesting perspective on the industry as well as new product announcements in the newsletter.

His first article in the newsletter was about the f…


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Lighting guys and in ears monitors

    So it's been a weird last 2 weeks. I work with bands who listen to themselves via a monitor mix in their ear phones constantly. And I don't. Well as it turns out the band plays there music approximately 200 milliseconds before  the audio makes it out of the PA and to my ears. That's 1/5th of a second. Doesn't sound like much, but it is. When I consider I sometimes have cues that I execute down to the 100th of a second.

     Shouldn't be a big deal as no other band has ever…


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Knit picking

          Sometimes I am amazed in the transformation of people that can take place in less than a year. With this thread I’m talking about musicians. It’s funny how one day you can watch them be understanding, thankful people who praise your work while understanding typical mishaps that can happen during any stage performance. Then a year later, they have themselves become perfectionists who notice every little detail. Instead of appearing thankful, they have turned…


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Scene: Russia, a few days ago.


Note: All dialogue is spoken over show headsets, in Russian. But this version is translated into English so that you don’t feel stupid when you read it.


SM: (stage manager) That was great, guys! It looks fantastic. This will go down in history as the best Olympic Opening ever! Much better than that cheesy looking Chinese one...Now we’re standing by for the 5th and final ring to…


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Exit NYC

       Superbowl weekend was a fun time. Because I got out of NYC the morning of the game and not the day after. Seems like half the people in the live entertainment biz were working in NYC last weekend.  And the majority of us had nothing to do with the actual game. Instead, we were all working parties. I had one down in Soho and one in midtown. They were both great, except I could definitely tell a big difference, due to the lighting rep I was dealing with. One pro, one bush…


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      I am. Because I'm on my way to NYC right now. Gotta light some private parties with a couple clients of mine. Bands are playing the next 2 nights before the bowl and if all goes well, I should be sitting on my couch this Sunday watching the game. In and out, just like I like em.

     I never have anything to do with the halftime entertainment, but it seems like every other year I have a band playing a party, wherever the Super Bowl is. Two years ago I was stuck in Dallas in a…


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fringe costs

The one certain thing about traveling to different places is the need to always remember that everything is gonna cost you a lot more than you previously had figured on. And it's not cool. Just when you think you have a grand stashed away for a fun weekend in LA, you realize you needed an extra grand. It's amazing how fast the extras tack on.

      I had 4 days off this week and chose to put my butt somewhere warm. After the arctic freeze of last week, it was only sane to get the heck…


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   I've gotten myself involved with a hip hop violinist now it seems. Was approached by some people who manage Lindsey Starling. A young energetic gal who just happens to play a mean rock violin. Worth checking her out on youtube. 

    So as I watch her videos and get a feel for her, I can't help but wonder if she's from the desert/brown areas depicted in this one video. Upon further research, I find that not only is she from Utah, but from the city of Provo as well. The same town my…


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Small LED Profile Mover?

I was asked today if there is a small mid range led profile mover on the market. I know of a handful like elation, GLP and elektralite. Any suggestions?

Added by Justin Lang on January 8, 2014 at 5:42pm — 4 Comments

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