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choosing gigs

All summer I have been bouncing around between musical acts, covering one offs here and there. I get a lot of calls from friends who are overbooked and need someone to punt a show here and there. I’m that guy and happy to be spending time at home EVERY week and gigging a few days. I know the family enjoys it.

I got a few of these calls last week. Kenny Mednick needed someone to cover some Cult shows for a couple weeks. Dave Davidian was looking for someone to take over for Joel Reiff…


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Kiss Light rig

I love seeing what other folks are doing structural wise with their trussing these days. Of course the curved track that Tommy Lee's roller coaster drum riser goes on is pretty cool. The actual structure must take a little while to fly into place and get together. I thought that was pretty slick, until I saw these pics of the latest KISS rig. Now this band has always had a big look with a lot of lights and flash power. But now...,

     They have a spider. The spider is nothing new as…


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Summer Reading

For as long as I could read, I have been living under the impression that summer time is the best time to catch up on some reading.  Maybe it was something I learned early in school. "Catch up on your reading, you have nothing else to do!"  Yes, all through out my school years, summer time was the best time.  But since then, living and working in the real world makes it more difficult. 

Despite that I still take time out during the summer to catch up on some reading.  Hell, I kind of…


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Portable, Explosion Proof LED Light... ON A WHEELBARROW

I have seen some interesting designs of lighting fixtures out there.  And not just our industry either.  Some how I find my self on some random emailing list for press releases.  Of course, most of them are always related to lighting since the word is our name.  Though, there are times when I get the random PRs for say, Hot Single Ladies... damn you spam filter!

Back to lighting... I just received another one of the endless PRs that grace my inbox. This time, it is from Larson…


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Robe: What I like and what I dislike

Extracted from

Robe is one of the most important brands in the show lighting industry; no question about it. This czech company has improved some of the well known standards out there, lowering the prices and optimizing the functions. Everybody…


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drum solos

If you haven't seen it by now, it's worth a couple minutes of your time to see what Motley Crue is doing. They have a roller coaster of a drum set that looks amazing. The design and lighting are well executed. Kudos to the designers as the concept is undeniably cool. However it must be virtually impossible to play drums upside down. Because Tommy Lee is a good drummer, but to…


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We have all seen fireworks shows over the years and everyone enjoys them. It is easy to wow the public with a 15 minute cycle of colorful explosions. But me, I am their worse critic. I love fireworks and I love all pyro effects on stage. But what gets me is when I see a particular fireworks celebration and it is lame. By lame, I mean rinse and repeat. Repeat until even my 5 year old got bored.

    For instance, I spent the evening of the 4th of July huddled along the banks of the…


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Boned in the ball room

      I broke my number one rule in this business. I assumed. When the TD for a small ballroom gig called me and wanted me to light and event that had no points or any way to hang a truss, I believed him. At the same time, I received an email informing me that there will be no cameras at this particular gig so I needn't concern myself with even front light or any rear light at all.

     So I have a 12'd x 16' wide stage for a bunch of speakers to walk around. 14' ceiling in the…


Added by Nook Schoenfeld on June 26, 2014 at 3:00pm — 2 Comments

Vampire Weekend

Spent last week as the guest LD on some shows with this band. I didn't really know any of their music til LD Brian Spett gave me a call last month. He had to go shoot a movie for a month and needed someone to run the GMA2 and hit a bunch of bump buttons. I was glad to do it.

    Brian sent me a wide shot movie of the show so I could see where all the lighting bump cues were. He also forwarded me the set list and the console show file. Once I received those I downloaded the songs from…


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Airport gig

While I have done gigs in airport hangers in LA and Rehearsals in hangers in NYC, I have never actually flown into a city, and stayed at the airport for 4 straight days doing a gig. This week finds me in Atlanta at the Georgia International convention center. It's a ballroom job, boring business meeting with the typical party at the end. 

    I flew in Monday and hopped on the tram that took me about 1/4 mile down the road to a Marriott and the attached convention center. For 4 days I…


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weekend warrior

Some musical acts work what is called  "The Weekend Warrior" circuit. That's when a band travels on a thursday, does a couple shows over the weekend and gets back to home on Sunday or Monday. Rinse and repeat every weekend for a while and you have become that guy, the weekend warrior who putts around the house all week then gigs for 72 hours straight.

This is a popular style of gig booking for country music and there is a good reason for this. It is a proven fact that country artists…


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Finding Work

As Editor of PLSN, I get asked a whole bunch of questions about the industry.  One recurring question I get from the younger generation of professionals is "How do I find work?" It always hits me like a ton of bricks when I hear that.  It makes me think, How do you do that! 

There is no right way or wrong way to find work.  Unlike the normal 9 to 5 job, it is not something you can just find in the classifieds.  Though I say that and this past Sunday, I found a small classified looking…


Added by Justin Lang on May 18, 2014 at 9:39am — 1 Comment

Dive bar lighting

  Thanx to a friend I saw a Facebook post showing an old band, the Blasters, was playing my city the other night. They were one of my favorite bands in the 80s and excel at the seemingly lost set of Rockabilly music. They didn't miss a beat as they nailed all their old tunes in typical 1-4-5 time. The great thing about Rockabilly music is it's made up of a lot of funk mixed with a lot of stop cues. In other words, this stuff is fun to light.

     So there I was for an 11PM set in a…


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One off friends

I'm taking a break from touring for the summer, at least for now. Been lucky enough to just keep bouncing from gig to gig again. Just flew back in from the Gulfport Music Fest in Mississippi. Lighting Kid Rock again, we are playing every weekend for the next 6 weeks which is just perfect. I have two other bands who wish to utilize my services for weekday shows. Good for the frequent flyer points.

     Deep South productions provided a really cool light rig. But the festival had gotten…


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Life insurance

We all hear this word and it's a bit scary to some. They think, heck I'm not even 40 I'm OK. But then are you really?

When I turned 40 my wife made me get a physical. I felt fine. My cholesterol was in check. I was touring around the world with the Beastie Boys. During a break I decided not to argue about it and got a regular physical complete with pee tests, vials of blood and the inevitable finger wave test. Doc said I was fine.

72 hours later I get a call…


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Constantly Amazed

I am constantly amazed by what we consider the simplest things in our business.  The most recent jaw dropping experience for me? Catching up with one of my local DJ friends and watching the video work going on behind him. It was fairly impressive.

In DC, everyone loves our little 100 square district.  If you have ever watched Netflix's House of Cards, the opening time lapse sequence, all DC metro area residence get a proud feeling in them.  "That is our town!" Call it hometown pride.…


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Very famous Broadway director, who nobody has ever heard of, trips over lighting cable during rehearsal; falls on pile of fake dirt.


Opening of “Grapes of Wrath” to be delayed; Henry Fonda rolls over in his grave. Breaks a toenail. Which has grown to the size of a watermelon.


The fall also leaves a dirt smudge on the director’s forehead shaped like the Virgin Mary.


The Virgin Mary rolls over in her…


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Back to college

     Every so often I find myself doing a gig on a college campus. I never act my age so I fit in perfectly with most of the people surrounding myself in Mad town this week. That's Madison Wisconsin, where the I am currently providing the video playback and sorted media for their annual band show.

     When I was young I did whole concert tours where I only played colleges. I could spend two weeks alone upstate NY doing a circuit of state schools without ever leaving the actual state.…


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Bigger, must get bigger

      Been a weird week for me, looking at various LED fixtures. It seems like each company unveiled some new cool toy last month at the PLASA show, but the fixtures are just now making it to the states. And the dealers are calling me to see them, so it's been fun.

   last week I saw the new Mac Quantum wash. It was pretty cool. Did some eye candy stuff, but most noticeable thing about the fixture was that it could emit a beautiful pure white light beam. It looked more like a…


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Lotsa Paloozas

Finally landed home for a week of fixing stuff and ordering new parts for the house. But not after playing some great gigs in front of some amazing crowds. Perry Farrell's Lollapalooza festival takes place in 3 different countries at different times. Multiple stages where the crowds can flock to see their favorite Indie of world famous pop acts. The night before the main acts hit the stage, their LD's and techs come in and focus movers, clone looks into their existing show disks, etc. But my…


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