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Race Track gigs

In my career I have done concerts in all kinds of places. Minor league ball parks with stages towed behind tractors. State fairs where the stage was set on railroad tracks and moved into place. And then there's the circuit of race car events they seem to have every year. As I understand it, plenty of good old boy country acts play the Nascar circuit. Nascar is big time stock car racing I believe. Makes me think of the Dukes of Hazard. These races attract humongous crowds and I'm sure there…


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Via Negativa II

Via The Creators Project on YouTube comes a fascinating piece of art reflecting (ha, ha) on themes of self and self-awareness.

From the description:

Experience Lee Bul's Via Negativa II, a maze of fragmented reflections that…

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Some Misty Thoughts On Color Theory

Other than position and intensity, possibly the most striking quality of any sort of light that can be emitted in a concert context is its color. One of the questions that designers get asked, at least during those rare occasions that someone is actually wondering, is "How do you decide what color a song should be?" There are many different facets involved in the design of any particular scene - matching the energy of the lights to the energy level on stage, gobo selection, the angle we…


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     It’s not that often that I get to play some club gigs. Usually it’s because one of my acts is playing a benefit show for a worthy cause, or they just want an occasional break from an arena to do an intimate show. Seems to be the trend now with bands doing residency stays in Vegas or other hot spots. The exception is when a group has some backing and is willing to pay my fee. I long ago accepted the fact that money talks, and when it does, I listen.

    So for a quick…


Added by Nook Schoenfeld on October 30, 2014 at 10:57am — 2 Comments

Gear Review - Streamlight ProTac HL

I bought my first Streamlight back in 2013, after many years of being a die-hard SureFire fan. I still have several G2s scattered around my various bags and Pelican cases that I use when traveling, and they're still great. For a long time I carried a 6P LED, and was very happy with its performance over the years. But I wanted something that would do dual-brightness, and had significant output for those times when I really, really needed to set something on fire light up a large…


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Last night in Dallas

I screwed up again last night. Broke the number one rule in our biz. I assumed something again. I assumed the front of house table at the House of Blues was set up sturdily. I didn't check it. Slayer, the house LD didn't check it. Nobody had ever checked it as it got used successfully every night. Til I get there of course.

    I'm carrying a video wall and mini-mac Catalyst media server. Using a Martin M1 console this run. I receive camera feeds via rf from the stage. I have various…


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Nice see in ya

      One of the greatest things about our biz is the ability to run into the same people at various gigs in your life. I mean unexpectedly. Last month I ran into two guys I hadn't seen since the eighties, at the same venue. We caught up. No need to become Facebook buddies or anything, just saying hi.

    Last night I was in Boston for a quick one show affair at some club. I walk into a pub next door to get some chow and a beer before the show. 5 minutes later my buddy John Macleish…


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Done done and I'm on to the next one.

OK, I'm done working with my first so-called Legend. Meaning old guy who sold a bazillion album a bazillion years ago. It was fun yet uneventful. Now I'm moving in the other direction. Going to light a young act from Australia calling themselves the Janoskians. This term stands for Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation. They are basically a singing comedy troupe from the streets of Melbourne that has made it semi famous thru a series of you tube videos that have gone viral. While…


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Shooting lights through video walls

Last month I saw yet another big rock show where they put hundreds of LED movers behind a video wall with the intent to shine them thru the wall and make it look cool. But to be honest, for the umpteenth time that I have seen people do this, it did not look great. It was not phenomenal. In fact I think it was rather a waste of gear.

      I'm not sure why people think this looks cool. So I gotta think now that maybe it's me. Maybe there are acts out there doing this and it's supposed…


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      As one gets older, they realize they have played so many venues in their life that you feel like you have been to them all. Up until this year I felt that way because I had been to every arena, shed and hell hole that could hold up a truss. Or so I thought. I had never played all the little gigs. While I have probably been in every House of Blues in America I am far from having played every club. For instance, For years I have heard of a place called Cain's Ballroom that is somewhere…


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 ----On the Texas Rodeo Concert Circuit----

 (Yes, it really exists.)


6 Rules:


1. When you grab a bite at the local diner, don’t try to fix the wobbly table by stuffing a bunch of sugar packets under the leg.


First off, according to most nutrition experts, processed sugar contains a whole bunch of stuff that’s bad for you, including nuclear waste and raw sewage. And second off, the paper packets will…


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Various light fixtures

I think the coolest thing about traveling on a tour using just local production, is that you get to use all sorts of fixtures. My GrandMA console imports fixtures daily as I need them. Within 1 month I have used 60 different fixtures. From moving heads to star drops to every blinking LED - I have used a lot of stuff. Some of it is good, some garbage. But if it emits light, it has some value right?

    Well maybe not. I played a theater last night that had a dozen Clay Paky super scan…


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Telluride and overcoming obstacles

It was nice to roll through the lovely town of Telluride, Colorado this weekend. They have an annual Blues and Brews festival in this hidden little valley town and I was fortunate to play it. The stage was small, the catering a little different than normal, but the niceness of everyone involved in this venue just made for a nice day.

TMS out of Omaha supplied a couple trusses of movers and some lekos, I hooked my GrandMA up and cloned and focused in an hour. My band was playing during…


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Hello California!

                                                                      Hello California!

        I have finally made my cross country move from Orlando, FL to Anaheim, CA. I'm sorry it's been so long, but life has been hectic. I did get the transfer from Disney World to DisneyLand, but not from full time to full time ( they don't automatically give that to you ) I moved to California for better job opportunities and THE WEATHER! I know this makes me sound like an old person, but I…


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Small town lighting and knock off fixtures.

So I strolled thru a string of wineries last week. Nothing overall exciting. Generic gigs I like to call them. Though I do enjoy playing the old Masson Winery out in Saratoga, California. It's indeed one of those gigs that is difficult to get your gear into, But it is great once you shoehorn it all in. The lights are hung from a metal structure which cantilevers off the front face of what looks to be an old monastery. The gig is nestled into some foothills that overlook all of San Jose. The…


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Jackpot Nv

         As the song goes, "I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere." I can actually say that now. I had never heard of this town and for good reason. Barely 1000 people live here. So why is there a town here at all and a more valid question was why was i here to do a rock show?

        Thank Goodness for the internet. I google the place and find a small town on the Nevada/Idaho border. A quick summary tells me what I need to know. Back in the middle of the last century there…


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More towns I've never seen pt2

Woke up in Pueblo, Co. last week. Went for a walk down historic old main street while the town slept in. Beautiful town and for some reason, I've never gigged here. It has a great facility called Memorial Hall. Built around the turn of the 1900's it had just finished being refurbished to it's grand original state. 

     She's a beauty, with 4 or 5 electrics loaded with ellipsoidals and a scattering of pars. I mix and matched fixtures with gels until I had a totally unsymetrical look…


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Places I've never gigged 1

   For the next two months I will be traveling the back roads of the US. Playing small towns and making a light show out of whatever lighting fixtures I can find. All I'm carrying is a GrandMA2 console and a catalyst media server that feeds our Elation 9' x 14' video wall. Joel Reiff programmed a light show. Production manager and video director David Davidian gave him access to the web site "Video Blocks" to grab footage for the media server. Then they handed it to me. 

      I found…


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IndieGoGo for New Film: ROADIE: The Documentary

Check out the trailer for an upcoming indie film called ROADIE: The Documentary.  It is by TJ Hoffman, a long time roadie with some of the biggest tours in the industry. He is looking for support from the industry to complete the film by starting and IndieGoGo fund…


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Fixture review: Robe MMX spots

These are were my primary spot moving lights on Ronnie Dunn, and they’re made by the (lesser known, in the States at least) Czech company Robe. (Pronounced row-bee.) The MMX spot uses the Phillips Platinum 35 lamp, an 800-watt short arc lamp that the company says is close to the output of traditional 1200-watt sources. I think that’s fair if we’re talking about an older light like the MAC 2000, which they are comparable to. However,…


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