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  • PLS Bloggers

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 18, 2012

    This is a closed group to the bloggers of PLS.  If you feel you should be apart of this group, please contact me.

  • Stagehands

    122 members Latest Activity: Apr 10 When it gets to the stage, someone has to put this stuff together. Leave it to a stagehand to make the show happen. From loading trucks and pushing…

  • House Of Worship Lighting

    15 members Latest Activity: Aug 16

    This group is for anyone and everyone who works or had worked in a House of Worship Setting. Share your ideas, thoughts, struggles, and triumphs…

  • Education + Teaching

    20 members Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2014 We need to teach all sorts of people how to pull off our shows. The Good, The Bad and the...where the hell is that kid!?!

  • ETCP Supporters

    15 members Latest Activity: Jun 18 ETCP provides rigorous assessments for professional technicians. You may become certified through ETCP in the following areas: Rigger – Arena, Rigger…

  • Vermont Stagehands

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2011 Who wants to be a Stage Hand? A forum for discussion of the realities and goals surrounding theatrical and entertainment production craft in the…

  • ecotheatre

    12 members Latest Activity: May 18, 2012 Aims to discuss how we can improve efficiency, reduce waste and encourage a philosophy of using less for longer without compromising the art. All…

  • Lasers and other efx

    19 members Latest Activity: Feb 8, 2013 For People who use lasers and other effects

  • Lighting Professionals

    98 members Latest Activity: Aug 16 Desegregated discussion board where lighting professionals can make non-job specific posts about the industry.

  • Event Managers

    26 members Latest Activity: Apr 11 Event Agency Professionals- Client Servicing/Creative/Production

  • LED Lighting

    97 members Latest Activity: Aug 17 Group for professionals & enthusiasts of High Brightness LED Lighting.

  • Fog, Haze, and Smoke

    59 members Latest Activity: Feb 8 Without interference medium there is no light show. Without people like you, there is no interference medium.

  • Pyro!

    37 members Latest Activity: Jan 28 Like to blow stuff up? Have we got a place for you!

  • Trash the Sound Guy! And other endearing crew members...

    31 members Latest Activity: Sep 3, 2011 Ok here ya go. This is your own private little area to get back at all those people for those insidious LD jokes. So to start things off... What's…

  • International Lighting and Design

    57 members Latest Activity: Nov 19 The world is a stage and all of it needs lighting and design. Discuss what is happening in your country outside of the US here.

  • riggers

    58 members Latest Activity: Apr 11 who holds it up for you ???

  • Creative LEDs & Big Screens

    89 members Latest Activity: Apr 11

    Group for people who use VIDEO LED products in their events and shows.

  • System Installers

    27 members Latest Activity: Dec 4, 2014 For those few of us out there that actaully take the raw components of a system and make them into a permenently installed working system.

  • Video Directors

    46 members Latest Activity: Apr 11 If video is your world, this is where you'll find all of your compadres.

  • Production/Tour Managers

    64 members Latest Activity: Nov 19 If you feel like you're always herding cats, you're probably a production manager or a tour manager. Welcome to your cyberhome.

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