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Does anyone know of a source for free digital content?  I am looking for a couple of clips as well as some digital gobos.  An entire library would be great! But, I will settle for a couple of specific digital gobos I am looking for! ;)

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Footage Firm has free content (you just pay shipping & handling for the DVDs)


Martin's Maxedia page has a free content exchange area on their website:




Drew Atienza

Master Projectionist

Cirque du Soleil "IRIS" at the Kodak Theater

Justin Blue Pony use to give out free content clips every month but have gotten away from that in the last year. I might be able to find a couple here or there to send you if you need. What might help you out a little more and I know its not free but we sell our whole library of stock content (about 400 clips) for $1600

Motion Loops gives away free graphics every week.

Hi Justin, I may be able to help, can you be more specific about what you are looking for.


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