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Has anyone had any major issues with one? Like would you totally discourage or encourage to use one? Because I have heard they crash?? But how often has that happened to you? I have a Hog 500 and 1000. I have only had those croak on me about 3 times in the past 4 years.

How about a Maxxyz? Any hard switches going from A hog to one of those?

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stay away from martin consoles, id try out a magic Q, i havent had a lot of problems with ipc's but would rather a road hog or whole hog

I haven't had the IPC crash on me yet.. I've had the road hog slow down to a crawl...

All depends on how much your programming, what kinda of effects you using etc.

If you want rock sold, go with a GrandMa Series 1...



Hog Ipc is ok.  Great if you are doing smaller shows.  A couple things to keep in mind is:  They are not a single unit so things can get unplugged in the back and cause issues (not often, but has happened) and they are discontinued so parts are going to become harder to find in the future.

It's nice to have the availability to run in Hog 2 or 3 mode though.  I agree with Jason, Ma is the way to go if you can afford it.

I love the IPC because I love the Hog II, the Hog II is stable but the Hog III is unstable as a PC, when HighEnd discontinued the Hog II and pushed the very unstable Hog III, that was the beginning of the end for HighEnd, they were on top of the world, now HighEnd is a joke. Hog 500 and 1000 do not have the effects engine, get rid of those boat anchors 
IPC was my bread and butter for a few years between the hog 2 and my leap to GrandMa.  I was fine with the console. The crashes I saw occur(mostly other peoples crashes ) were, I believe , the result of people yanking the usb stick with their show still active.  The IPC hated that

I have heard reports that the latest software build is unstable on the IPC and Road Hog. I did experience this a bit on my last show using a Road Hog, a small number of units (32 LEDs and 36 movers) with just some pan/tilt and color effects slowed the console down to an annoying point while programming. However saving the programmer as a que and then playback only was okay. For what I was doing, I didn't worry much about it as it was a simple one time look. However, I am now a bit more worried about a larger show on the latest software build.



Why so? I've been on maxxyz for over three years now and have only had one crash that entire time.  I think that's a lot more than can be said for Hog. also the new M1 is amazing! highly portable, efficient, nothing but good things about the Martin consoles.

cody stoltz said:
stay away from martin consoles, id try out a magic Q, i havent had a lot of problems with ipc's but would rather a road hog or whole hog

dont even think about owning a Maxxyz. it is the anchor that sank the TITANIC. go Greyhound = GrandMA.



I thought an iceberg sank the Titanic.  :)
you havent worked on a Maxxyz then you would know what i mean.

I would agree with you if you're referring to the original full size Maxxyz, but the Maxxyz compact and the M1 are a whole new ball game. Comparing the full size maxxyz to their new hardware is like comparing the Hog500 to the Road Hog. They've come a LONG way.


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