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Just had an interesting conversation with one of our own..... but interesting a way that left me wondering what everyone else thinks, are my views that different than others?


Think for a moment, your the LD or Programmer at "the big event!" your there doing your thing, makeing it all pretty and stuff, perhaps curseing at that effect and chase that isn't, quite right, dialing it in.. and then BAM. Someone comes up to you, yes YOU the programmer (or LD/Programmer) and says.. "hey, I'm from some really cool mag and I wanted to know about how you get into doing this. What has inspirded you, how did you create your looks?"


What's the first thing you'd think. Would you?:


A: Be so excited that a human being, that isn't yelling at you or asking to bum a smoke or is some smelly local telling you that your pretty cool,( compared to the last guy...)  that you'd actully take the time to answer the questions honestly and without any hesitation.


B: Be so worried about your next gig, or job.. that you'd lie and not really answer the questions. Just say some nice things about, well you worked hard and maybe had a bit of luck and, that your really busy so best of luck with things...


C: Do a bit of both, never tell them your trade secrets, but talk openly about the last show you did and mention that you have some show coming up, talk about your start in the biz, unloading trucks or a local restaurant you visit, that had this cool table cloth pattern that is now used as a BitMap on your GrandMa showfile...


My answer would be C, but what would yours be?


My friend you see, says that most LDs and Programmers would say A or B, because they are all afraid of getting kicked off the gig for even admiting they worked hard to get there, or that they are doing another gig with that company in a few months.. or letting out some big secert about this crazy effect they built, since someone could steal that idea... and so on. Basically, being way to afraid to open about what they do.





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Be proud of your work and let the world know that!

I'd definitely go with C. I've been lucky enough to have a couple of conversations with touring operators who were very interesting and really inspired me to work harder. I doubt that I am working on any shows that are high profile enough to draw this sort of interest, but I'd be glad to chat, assuming I'm not too far under the gun.


I don't think its any big secret that almost everyone has worked hard to get to where they are, but hearing from someone who has achieved it is a great reminder of the possibility of success.


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