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Fellow LDs,


I am currently a student at Full Sail University in the Show Production program.  Every month we do about 10 shows at our Live Venue.  We don't find out who the band is until a week prior to the show and generally don't have a clue as to what kind of show it is until the day before.  Being that it is a school with several students our time to prepare for a specific show is about an hour.  I have found time to work on preset designs during the month, though I don't know what show, specifically, I'm designing for.  Can you all give me suggestions on how to set up a grandMA1 for "on the fly" execution?



Mark A Randel

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Although I'm not programming on a Grand MA, there are a few things I have done in the past to not have to redesign an entire rig when the band shows up for sound check. Be set up and ready with a palette full of generic looks, ignoring the lighting of actual musicians. Reserve fixtures for the purpose of wicked front, side and back light. With a quick update to your pre-made looks you can add the needed focus/programming for the questionable act to follow. This is called "The Roadhouse Blues". I hope this helps.

There is a great tool out there for setting up a show on the fly. It is called Nook's Ultimate Punt Pages. It is a video that I managed to watch in an afternoon and it completely changed the way that I program "on the fly" shows. You can find the ordering information on the plsn main site. Like you a majority of shows that I do are by the seat of my pants and this programing method will give you better quality of looks and ease of playing during the show. Dont forget that it is ok for you to dance and feel the music just instead of using your legs, use your fingers. It's a concert for God sake. Happy programming.



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