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I am always curious to see what people are working on. What types of projects are you working on?

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Besides the normal 40-60 a week(!)  just the website - standby shameless promo....and.....GO (  It's a lot more work than I thought it would be! Some opera projection coming up in the late spring.
working on season 10 of Who wants to be a Millionaire
Being a normal 16 y/o getting my ged freelancing and working on designs for some rave out in dallas for nye that were trying to get.
I just finished working on the Republican debate on Fox News and the related Florida straw poll - I was running the Encore switcher, in charge of sending video and graphics images to the various screens and house feeds. I'll likely give a rundown of the event in my blog this week (once I come up for air!).
Looking for a good touring or festival lighting gig.
Working on developing a production package for some corporate AV productions. This particular Hotel chain hosts a major amount of private concerts for their clients and we are looking at numerous LED fixtures. Surprisingly there is a product from Elation/American DJ that is pretty impressive with what it can accomplish. Dont let the brand fool you. I have put these up against some very high end lines and this piece is great. FLAT PAT Tri18
Programming on Nurse Jackie.   Just finished a design for a Time Warner Cable show called Born To Shine.   And a one off programming gig for 30 Rock with movers and a DL3.
Innovation outdoor LED Display fixed installation project, with our newest flexible LED Curtain in spiral shape.
I´m working as local follow spot op at the Il Postino opera, besides doing lighting design and programing for a metal fest which will be in November and also designing my own website xD
Getting ready for "FrancoFete".  A showcase for French speaking arts. Music, dance and a few other.  I work at the Capitol Theater in Moncton and will be lighting Dance, music and theater.  So I'm spending some time brainstorming and getting my Ideas ready for that festival.

During November 2011,our outdoor flexible LED Curtain with helix shape just finished the installation in America.

Now it works with fantastic look: )

Enclosed are the photos for reference:

I'm reworking a very dated lighting rig in a popular downtown nightclub. New fixtures come in next week so I will be programming as well. I go on a electronic dance music cruise this weekend and will be reporting about it in my weekly blog, as well as finishing an article on a nightclub instal in Philadelphia. I'm moving next month so I can finally get an editing suite and will start my documentary 'Road to Burning Man'.

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