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I'm curious about your opinion regarding training. I'm having trouble filling a class on electricity, power distribution, and controls in Dallas next month (Dec 1-3, 2010) and I'm wondering if my breath stinks. Or maybe there's another reason. Just for grins, would you take a few seconds to reply with the letter representing the reason you are not in this class. And any comments about what we should do to offer classes you would take are very much appreciated.

I am not planning to attend the because:

A. I'm way too busy this time of year

B. I know everything I need to know about the subjects

C. It costs too much ($225 per day)

D. Dallas? Really? Couldn't you find a better geographic location?

E. Seminar? You're holding a training seminar? Why didn't anyone tell me?

F. Your breath stinks.

G. Other (please specify)

Feel free to choose as many answers as appropriate. Thank you.

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It costs too much ($225 per day)
D - kind of a long trip from Canada for a 3 day seminar.
Mostly Location
I can't really afford anything other than in my local area and I can never seem to find anything in the DC area
Being in HOW A is pretty much the main reason. E is a consideration, though having just been in a certain town in WI where I dropped over a grand in training, C is on the list right now, too. If I have to travel, Dallas is better than some places I could think of, though probably even better for you ;). Being able to combine training with another event (trade show, organization meeting if I went to them, etc.) would help with the cost of baggage these days (sometimes i think they charge more for my crap than they do for me). Definately not B, and I'd guess if you thought that it was, you probably really need to be in the class, and it's been a while since we were face-to-face, but last time it wasn't F...
I would go to almost anything within a couple hours drive of my shop (Indianapolis)
First and foremost it's D. Sooner or later most training sessions come to my town so I don't have to travel.
Secondly its the time of year. Got to save those pennies for Christmas presents for the kiddies ya know!
100% D. I love training seminars and take advantage of them as frequently as possible, but I'm locked to nearby locales.
Let me revise my (C) answer and add (D) and (G) to my answer.
Between flights, rooms, meals plus the $225.00 / day really, really makes the seminar too costly.

Christmas season is not the best time for seminars for me as there are plenty of Holiday events, business, etc.
you get to Las Vegas...Drop the Price, I'd Love to attend.
E ,C and G .G is this ETCP Training?$225 a day is alot of money these days.How many students to a class? Of course thats not even including travel and hotel.It would cost me about $1500.00 at the end of the day and that does not factor any gig I may not be able to do.That being said I would attend.If it were nearby and $150 a day.

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