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I'm looking for a recommendation on a good wDMX system for small shows.  I do a lot of bar and ballroom type shows and I'm getting tired of having to run the show from the side of the stage or spending a lot of time routing cable for a 3 hour show.

My biggest concern is good refresh rates, I run anywhere from 14 - 20 movers and a few conventional channels and looking online there are a lot of systems out now so I'm looking for some real world experience and systems to avoid.  I have no issue checking for for open frequencies at setup because a few minutes of that saves me a lot of work.

Also, typically the furthest I'm looking at is about 100-150' range, not looking to do 1000' or more feet.

It really makes me think why I'm running cable to the FOH when sound is leaving their equipment on stage and mixing from their iPad or laptop.

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I have to tell you, I had a demo of the Lumen Radio CRMX system at LDI..



I WOULD use this in a ballroom setting with no worries!



I've had really good experiences working with City Theatrical's wDMX system.  It is consistently reliable, and the only complaints I have is that there can be a slight lag time; noticeable (if you're looking for it) if you have some fixtures hard wired to the console and others running off of the wireless.  It's about the same lag time you get if you have two opto-isos in line; I'm assuming it's because it takes a fraction of a second to encode the DMX signal to radio packets, transmit them, receive them, and turn them back into DMX.  But if you have the entire rig running off of wireless it's pretty seamless.


The only place I've had issues is when I was running some LEDs in the foyer off of wireless at the O'Hare Hyatt.  My transmitter was about 150'-200' away, and there was a wall between the transmitter and receiver.  There was a predictable flicker of the red every minute or so when (I'm assuming) a radio dish pointed in my direction.  I just switched those units to standalone and left them a solid color.  The units inside the ballroom didn't have any problem. 


What market are you in?  If you want to try before you buy I have some wDMX kits in my rental inventory.  I'm located in Chicago, but they're easy enough to ship.

Thanks, that's helpful knowing about the delay which makes sense, sounds like even if I only need one receiver I might set up two to keep the fixtures in sync.


I'm located in Tulsa, OK.  I'll drop you an email this weekend.


I like City Theatrical's Show DMX.  Especially their new Show Baby which is a 1 universe plug-n-play wireless system.  There is no setup or configuration.  Each unit is a transceiver, that is a transmitter or receiver depending on whether or not dmx is plugged in as an input or output.  In other words, it's super easy to use.

Definitely along the lines of what I'm looking for as I never expect to run more than one universe. 

The website for City Theatrical just has the press release for the show baby, but if either of you would like the tech specs send me an e-mail at:



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