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So for our holiday were going to the south west of the States, and off course to the entertainment capital Las Vegas.

What's a must see while we're there?
 I've got Cirque du Soleil "O" and Chris Angels show on my wishlist, but some insiders tips are most welcome!

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WOW... I would reconsider Chris Angel! ;)

You can not go wrong with O though!  How long are you going to be in our hometown?  We can certainly find you some good hotspots!

Is it that bad? We saw his show on TV while we where in Australia. We will be there for like 3 or 4 days. To short time, yes I know, but there's more beauty to see :)

fwiw, I found some of what lighting designer Jeanette Farmer did with the largely LED instrumentation interesting...

Hi Martijn,

as a Vegas local, either KA or O are the biggest and arguably the best Cirque shows.. Chris Angel's show has gotten poor reviews since its debut.. Jersey Boys is also very well done, and Celine Dion is back at Caesar's for a few weeks, if you're into her (I'm not personally)... if you get a chance to get outdoors while you're here, Red Rock State Park is beautiful this time of year for a hike!    ENjoy!

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