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Hello all. I work for a small but growing event production company. We are getting to the point where tracking gear is becoming entirely too time consuming and error prone. I have since taken on the task of researching Rental Software. I need a program that has bar-code tracking of gear, scheduling of trucks and personnel, booking of gear, customer database, and of course is Quickbooks compatible. I am sure there are other features we will need but this is my jumping off point. We expect to have up to 6 simultaneous users and must be able to have full access remotely. Any suggestions on software packages and other things to look for in the software would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and guidance.

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I have used Intelavent and it worked well and very good service
Thank you!

I've worked on a number of different software formats, and they all have bugs.  Some of them just can't handle the sheer volume of items that we put in.  Whereas most retailers or wholesalers will stop at a few thousand bits and pieces, we have well over 100,000 which is taxing for any system.  R2 works well, but is expensive.  the same is true for Hire Track.  I used Rental and Production Manager by intelivent, and it was buggy until we had a new IT guy sort out some of the problems. 


Talk with the reps, they'll all be glad to talk with you since this is an investment that can easily go into the tens of thousands of dollars.


While you're looking at software, start inventorying everything you plan on putting in.  Make an excel document, and remember, the more work on the front end, the easier it will be to put in later.  Make a systematic, and predictable alpha-numeric code for everything that makes sense.  It should be something like:

2PG25 = 2P&G @ 25'

MAC700P = Mac 700 Profile

S4WFL = Source-4 PAR WFL

Think about how things are going to auto-sort.  Always move from specific to general--in these examples the 2P&G cables will all sort together by length, the MAC fixtures will all sort together, the Source-4 ellipsoidals and PARs will be together, this makes it really easy to insert multiple items quickly.  Some people like to put codes like DIM-SNSR24, or CON-EXPN3 to get like items to sort together, but usually you can either create categories or search for keywords, so I find that just mucks things up.


send me a message if you want to talk more.

I know two softwares for our industry which are worth considering, there may be more but I know this two:


EASY JOB from Protonic - server based, very many functions and well done ! (we use it and it's organize not only the werehouse but all process in rental & production company)

Flex Rental- web based, 2 years on market (interesting but I think it has less functions then easyJob)


You can also read discussion about this on Linked In group here


Rafal Mrzyglocki


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