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    A couple years ago I bought a cool household track lamp. It had 3 x 50 watt halogen bulbs in it and the heads are focusable. I was happy for it. But in the last month two of the bulbs blew up. It cost me 8 bucks each to replace the bulbs and they are not LED and long lasting. Perhaps in second guessing myself, I may have been wise to look into the price of bulbs prior to purchasing this particular fixture.

     A few years ago I bought a 6 bulb Taiwanese chandelier for my hallway. Before I mounted it, I plugged it in top see if it worked. One of the bulbs was blown when I bought it. So instead of buying another bulb, I brought it back to Menards. I could not find the bulb in their huge inventory. The salesman then opened up an identical fixture and took one of the bulbs out of that and gave it to me. At this point I realized that if this distributor wouldn't carry the bulbs for their own sellable item, I may have a problem in the future. I gave him back the chandelier and found one with replacement bulbs.

     A friend of mine bought some real cool blue LED strips to mount under his cabinets to light his kitchen counter tops. After 5 years (they were kept on all the time), his power supplies wore out. The LEDs still were pretty bright. My friend found out that the psu he needed was not easily obtainable as the LED industry has moved pretty far. But after 5 years, he found himself having to replace all the LED strips and power supplies as it was cheaper than buying replacement parts. He now turns off the LED's on a timer so they only come on when the sun goes down.

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This made me chuckle because I recently installed LED strip under my cabinets (about 6 months ago) and although they are LED and will last a while, I know they won't last forever.  I try to remember to turn them off at night.  I hope to get 25 years out of them.


Secondly, it reminded me about a couple newer fixtures who's lamps are ridiculously expensive, namely the Intellaspot and VL880.  WTF?!?!

Had no idea they were that expensive. I've used both fixtures once and was left unimpressed. So I don't think I will have an issue buying bulbs for them.

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