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I love battery/wireless LED uplighters! But not when someone forgets to re-charge them! While the battery/wireless option is my favorite, there are to many times that I have had to go back to wired ColorBlast. Is it me or is technology making it to easy to screw up?

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They are certainly awesome when it comes to a quick set in a simple room.

It's the control I keep having issue with.   I've seen quite a few systems out there but only a very few with really reliable wireless DMX system built in.   I've had all kinds of interference in whacky places... most recently the low overpass of a monorail seemed to cause enough interference in wireless DMX that it was rendered useless.   Sure, there are plenty of places where it works... but not everywhere.  

Blue tooth seems pretty dependable.   I wonder at what point someone will stat manufacturing fixtures that run on already well established wireless communication standards instead of trying to reinvent a specifically wireless DMX protocol.  Maybe a localized Bluetooth or cellular network.   BYO cell tower?   A guy here in Seattle built a custom broadcast system for a band.  He's using arduino boards to broadcast and receive RF signals that control LED tape on battery packs.  They built suits with battery's that the band member wear.   It's pretty cool stuff.   Although the RF is very limited in channel counts.   Still being able to control around 90 channels isn't bad for a hand built proprietary system.   I suppose this is what some of the systems are doing but most of them seem to be broadcasting some form of wireless DMX protocol.  

Is artnet via WiFi a possibility?   I tried running MAnet via wireless once and it didn't work...  then we tried it over EoP boxes and again, a no go.....  

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