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so i am in the middle of pre production for a small show at a small regional theatre. The designers want to add flourescents to 8 moving panels, the only problem being they each move over 15 feet and they dont want to be able to see any cables. I was wandering if anyone out there knew of some sort of track system to get power to these panels? i was thinking in the world of overhead metro cables but actually safe for use in doors an close to code. If anyone has any great ideas please let me know.

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I can't recommend using tension lines with a voltage differential in the middle of a stage with moving set pieces--the potential for diasaster is too likely, and I doubt any fire marshall in the country would let that fly.  Are you going to have a track in the deck for these panels, or are they really going to be wagons?  If you have tracks, can you cut out a secondary track next to the guide track for your cable management?  If you just have some flourscent panels you could use 16/3 SJO and that would give you a minimal cable profile.  Otherwise you could investigate battery-operated LED panels (I'm thinking of the Elation Design Panels--not the best fixture, but at the cost it might fit the bill).

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